Jim Self
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Jim Self

JIM SELF is an international teacher, speaker, author (Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life), and leader in the field of spiritual development.

One of the few teachers, authors and speakers actually working at the leading edge, providing solid, up-to-date information and practical energy tools to help us keep pace with the Shift, Jim walks with a foot in both worlds.

At the age of twenty-six, Jim was elected to his first of two terms to the San Jose, CA City Council and later became the Vice Mayor. Before completing his second term, he was asked by President Jimmy Carter to be an advisor and the Director of Governmental Operations for the Dept. of Energy. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully built and sold two corporations, and is the founder and current Board Chairman of a third.

At the same time, Jim has had the ability since childhood to recall his experiences within the sleep state. Over the last twenty years, this awareness has expanded into relationships with the archangels, ascended masters and teachers of light. The tools and information presented in the program, Mastering Alchemy, is a co-creation of these relationships.

Jim has been leading seminars on personal energy management and the tools of Mastering Alchemy for almost thirty years. He offers free a wealth of FREE material on his website, including downloadable articles, videos, E-books, videos, and animations featuring essential Mastering Alchemy tools and other useful information. Details of his free online Teleclasses, Webinars, and classes can be found at http://www.masteringalchemy.com.