Donna Visocky

Ignite Your Creative Spirit!

Monday, May 08 · 7:00pm

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Fuel Your Soul and Fund Your Freedom: Your Pathway to Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

May 8 - 18
FREE Online Event
This complimentary virtual event kicks off on May 8, and brings together over 20 experts (including me!) to share our best tips on how to tap into your well of creativity and inspiration, own your value, and earning your worth … all while making a real difference in the world.

Discover how to:
• Move beyond fear and limiting beliefs to claim your unique awesomeness, accessing your creative flow through the sub-conscious mind.
• Tap into your body wisdom to spark your true desires – including using proven tools to forge your new path, giving your vision wings!
• Use specific exercises and practices that break down the old patterns that keep you stuck, so you can move forward powerfully.
• Claim your personal value and earn what you are worth - while doing what you love!
• And so much more!

Plus, you'll receive some amazing free gifts and resources designed to assist you on this incredible journey toward living a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity!


About Donna: Author, speaker and founder of BellaSpark Productions and BellaSpark Magazine, Donna Visocky, knows a great deal about connecting with Spirit and awakening to greater possibility. Devastated by the tragic death of her daughter, Donna began a journey of exploration into spirituality and the expansiveness of life – both seen and unseen. BellaSpark Productions was born to contain these new experiences. Bella means Beautiful and Spark is for the Divine Spark in all of us. For the past ten years, Donna has met, interviewed and facilitated conversations and events with many of the world’s top visionaries. In her new book I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain, she candidly shares the most intimate moments of her inner and outer struggle to rebuild her life after the loss of her child.