Message for the Tribe of Many Colors: an Interview with Little Grandmother

by Tuula Fai

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Have you heard of Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther? She is a wisdom keeper and shaman who has been described as “One of the most inspiring young female voices for change on the planet.” In this interview, Little Grandmother shares the profound changes happening on Earth and the keys to our spiritual evolution.

Tuula Fai: How did you become known as Little Grandmother?
Little Grandmother: Growing up in a small Colorado farming community, I had abilities that marked me as different. I could communicate with animals, and with spirits who taught me specific lessons. Raised a devout Mormon, there was no place for paranormal phenomena. In fact, I did not talk about my experiences with anyone until I was 28 years old and the mother of two.

When I turned 30, I was contacted by several indigenous and non-indigenous elders who said they had been watching me since I was a child. They knew that the grandmothers past had been teaching me, and that it was time for me to step into my role as a shaman. The ancestors and spirits recognized me by the name “Little Grandmother,” and told me I would help the children of Earth remember who they are as divine beings.

At that time, I didn’t know what the word shaman meant. Yet, I received guidance that I was one of twelve wisdom keepers on the planet at this pivotal time. Each wisdom keeper had been receiving the same messages and lessons from Mother Earth, but each had a different role to play.

Like the other wisdom keepers, I am responsible for placing certain crystals back into Mother Earth to strengthen her ley lines and energy grid for the Great Shift. My specific role is to gather together the Tribe of Many Colors from every land, for the purpose of changing the consciousness on planet Earth.

TF: What changes are Mother Earth and humanity going through right now?
LG: Do you remember the news reports of sightings of blue spirals in the sky in Utah, Colorado, Norway and Russia? The sightings received major media coverage, but were written off as explainable phenomena. In reality, scientists and government experts have no idea what causes them.

Before the spirals appeared, I was at a meeting of Wisdom Keepers where an indigenous elder told us that new energies would be coming to the planet and would be seen as spirals of light in the sky. The spirals have to do with the return of the ancient ones, the star beings, who act as a portal to our world. They help us raise our frequency during pivotal times of spiritual evolution. Most ancient peoples knew about these light beings because they had seen them before at the time of the last Great Shift. Now we are seeing them again, showing us that the prophesied shifting of Mother Earth and human consciousness has begun.

Deep, global changes must happen for life on Earth to be governed by love, rather than fear (power, greed and ego). Right now, truths about who we are, and what we are capable of, are being hidden by governments and powerful entities that do not want to lose control or profit. If this knowledge were made public, it would awaken us to the truth of where we come from, and free us to live more equitably.

Disclosing our cosmic origins would blow wide open our conceptions of the universe and God. It would make most religions unnecessary because they would be seen as what they are: man-made. The three things that control our lives are government, religion and business (money). Since 2009, all the wisdom keepers have been shown that before we can shift our consciousness, government, religion and business will have to fail. This is because these three things keep us separate, preventing us from creating a world ruled by the heart.

The world has been controlled by a handful of powerful people for a long time. They know what information must not be made public in order to stay in power. For example, I was shown that an invention exists that pulls light from the sky and is capable of supplying a great part of the world’s energy. It was created (I believe) by Nicola Tesla and has been hidden because those in power do not want to create a free energy source. Soon it will be made public, as governments begin to fail.

Religion has been used to create divisions among us so that we kill and fight wars in its name, mindlessly seeing other people as the enemy — or unworthy and expendable. These illusory divisions must be eradicated for us to treat each other with kindness and compassion.

When government, religion and business start to fail, there will be a leveling of the playing field. The governance of the world will undergo reorganization and some countries that are powerful now will no longer be. This will happen because of economic forces and realities that are now being downplayed. The changes are going to come so humanity can have a fresh start. The fall of our economic and political structures and sense of security will help us open our consciousness. We will advance rapidly as our priorities, lives and societies change.

TF:What is Mayan Grandfather Don Alejandro Oxlaj saying about the ancient prophecies?
LG: You probably have heard that December 21, 2012, is the end of the five-thousand-year-old Mayan calendar. You also may know that this remarkable date corresponds to a rare cosmic event called the precession of the equinox, which happens only once every twenty-six thousand years. The equinox occurs when our sun and Earth come into alignment with the center of the galaxy. Nearly all indigenous people’s prophecies, including that of the Maya and Hopi, agree that something massive will happen at this time. Spirit has told me that very soon Mother Earth will shift into her high heavenly self and that we have the opportunity to shift with her. This is a pivotal moment for humanity. Will we continue on our blindly destructive path, or will we radically change our consciousness and start living in harmony with our Mother? Our fate depends on how we respond to this cosmic opportunity.

That is why it is so important to devote time every day to developing a loving consciousness, nurturing Mother Earth, and living from your heart. Whatever happens, remember that it is for the purpose of creating a more beautiful world, one that allows us to join together as children of Mother Earth, as the family we are meant to be.

TF: What do he and you think will happen during the Great Shift?
LG: Science has evidence that a magnetic pole shift occurred on Earth thirteen thousand years ago. This last pole shift corresponds to the period of the Great Flood, which has been recorded by the world’s mythologies and religions. It also marks the time when Atlantis, the continent written about by Plato, Herodotus, and many visionaries, sank into the sea.

The Atlanteans lived through the last pole shift but many died in the cataclysms that followed. However, their most spiritually advanced citizens, the priests, knew well in advance that the shift would occur and left Atlantis for South America, taking their spiritual knowledge and technology with them. The Mayans are their direct descendants and the only people alive who still remember living through the last pole shift.

Don Alejandro Oxlaj, called “Wandering Wolf,” is a thirteenth-generation Quiche Mayan high priest and leader of the national Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala. He has begun sharing what is likely to happen as Mother Earth prepares for her magnetic poles to reverse and her physical poles to shift to new locations. He says that the pole shift will occur during a window of opportunity that began in 2007 and extends into 2015.

Much of the information I have received from Spirit agrees with the Mayans and what Edgar Cayce predicted. The magnetic poles are already shifting as due north is not due north on the compass anymore. The new location of the North Pole will be 17 degrees into Russia and the geographic shifting of the poles will take about twenty hours to complete. During the final physical shift, the crust of the Earth will move, but the core will hold steady. This shift will be followed by twenty-four to thirty-six hours of darkness.

During that time, we are advised to stay calm and centered in love. This is important because when we are in the middle of this shift, what we think and feel will become real. If we remain in love, gratitude and compassion, then that is what we will see around us. So trust your heart and keep your spiritual vibration high. Do not give into fear. When the light returns, your location on Earth will have shifted, though you will be on the same landmass. There will be some destruction and loss of life from natural disasters, but humanity will survive.

TF: How can we best shift into higher consciousness along with Mother Earth?
LG: We are shifting the world and our consciousness from the third dimension to the fourth. It is an exciting time because when it is finished, we will be living in a new world. There will be a rebirth of universal love, and we will accomplish near-miraculous feats.

We just need to make it through the storm that will come before the rainbow. During the storm, keep yourself attuned to the promise of new life and heaven on Earth. Feelings of gratitude and love will keep you connected to the living heart of Mother and to your own Great I AM. Surrender and ride the wave. Have the curiosity of a child and total openness to life.

Human beings were once much more spiritually advanced than they are today. At the time of Atlantis, we knew how to use sound, color and energy to heal ourselves. We understood more about our place in the cosmos and the laws of creation governing life. We had technologies that now we cannot even fathom. Yet we know how to do these things — the memory is buried within our DNA. We just need to remember.

All of us on Earth have chosen to experience this transformation. Our souls are needed because we are the ones who will change the world by remembering who we are. Many of us have a role to play. Hold in your heart an image of love and beauty and know that you are the creator of your reality. In the future, this will be even truer as we step fully into our spiritual capacities. We will leave behind polarity, our sense of separation, and enter into unity consciousness where we will be able to manifest anything.

TF: As we evolve, will our physical bodies change?
LG: We will continue to have bodies but they will not be as dense. We will have light bodies and be able to do things that we can now only imagine such as walking through walls, communicating through telepathy and traveling through our consciousness. This is where we are headed. Whether it will be accomplished directly as a result of the pole shift, or in the years afterward when we move into the fifth dimension of universal love, has yet to be revealed.

TF: Is there something specific we can do to help Mother Earth through the Great Shift?
LG: At the end of 2010, I received a message from Mother Earth to share with her children. For too long, we have taken crystals and precious stones out of her body. Although we are meant to use crystals for healing and awakening, some of them are not being used consciously. They are sitting on shelves collecting dust.

Mother Earth asks that we give these crystals back to help with her healing and rebirth. This can be done by holding a crystal in your hand and getting into a meditative state. When you feel grounded and connected to your higher self, let your heartfelt love radiate into the crystal. Then place the crystal into wild water — any water that is moving such as a river, stream, bay, sea, or ocean.

If you’re wondering why we are being asked to place these crystals, embedded with our prayers, into wild water, the answer is simple: Earth, like the human body, is made primarily of water. Water is the fastest conductor of energy. The intentions we place in the crystals go directly into our Mother’s blood stream and, from there, spread all over the planet. When water carrying our prayers evaporates, the prayers are taken into the air and carried by the winds. Then those water particles form clouds. When it rains, our prayers shower down on Earth, touching every living thing.

What a brilliant way to infuse creation with our prayers! So please give back crystals you are not using, embedded with your prayers, carrying your deepest, heartfelt love. Mother Earth needs them to go through her Great Shift. This one act alone can have a profound effect on our future and world.

TF: What kind of world can we create if we live from our hearts and the Great I AM?
LG: The key to our spiritual evolution and survival on Earth is to remember who we are. We are divine co-creators of our reality; we are the Great I AM. The aboriginals never lost this wisdom and understand that our three-dimensional reality is like a dream.

The ideas we hold first exist in the realm of thought, then become materialized. What this means is that we must first visualize something before it can exist. The more focused and detailed our thoughts, the stronger the image becomes. When the image is matched with heartfelt love and higher consciousness, then we can manifest anything from our Great I AM.

It is our obligation to reclaim this divine capacity and use it to imagine a beautiful new world. Images born in just one human heart have the power to inspire global change. The Tribe of Many Colors is one such image. For hundreds of years, indigenous cultures have spoken about the coming Rainbow Tribe. The people of this tribe are the ones who will change the world.

All of you who are reading this know you are one of this tribe. We need you to envision a better humanity. We can then seed this vision from heart-to-heart through the power of our collective dreams. Dream like this as often as you can when you are vibrating in love. Be creative — share your vision through poems, works of art, and songs — to inspire others to remember who they are . The more we choose to live from love, the more possibilities open for our future. We can change humanity’s destiny on Earth through the power of our heartfelt thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

TF: How do we live from a state of the Great I AM?
LG: Through meditation, we can enter a state where we merge with the All — with creation, the cosmos and the mind of God. In this state, there is no distance between consciousness and manifestation. So you can ask for anything from your higher self and it will be given.

Ironically, when you enter this space, you see the perfection of everything and know the purpose of it all. From this cosmic perspective, all our limited desires and personal goals dissolve and there is no need to change anything because everything is unfolding perfectly.

So when you enter this state, imagine the kind of world you would like to create. I imagine one in which human beings feel their oneness with the Earth, her creatures and each other. One in which we live not for profit and prestige, but for sharing our abundance and increasing the beauty, health and happiness of all beings.

Right now, this vision may seem far-fetched. But, in the future, it will simply be the way things are. I know this in my heart, and it will come about through shifting our consciousness and moving into a higher dimension along with Mother Earth. That is our human destiny.

TF: How can we best support your work?
LG: Every moment of every day our own Great I AM is giving us a decision to make: do we act from love, or serve our own ego? When we live from our hearts, we connect to the All and are able to do anything.

To support my work, simply be the best person you can be. When you visit, you can find out about the crystal ceremonies and humanitarian events that are taking place as our world shifts into its heavenly state. Also, my book Message for the Tribe of Many Colors is available on the website. This book tells the story of how I became Little Grandmother and the Shaman of the Tribe of Many Colors. It also describes the teachings I have received from Mother Earth. I hope you love the book as much as I loved writing it for you.

Little Grandmother is coming to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center this September 14-15, 2012 to lead a weekend of deep heart opening and healing. The weekend begins with a Friday evening talk at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Saturday workshop from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information and to register, please visit or contact Donna Visocky at

Tuula Hoiska Fai, MBA, CST, NCTMB is the author of Seek the Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders. For 18 years, she has worked as a Marketing Director and Medical Intuitive Therapist.;