Beyond Roswell An Interview with UFO researcher, Brit Elders

_ by Linda M. Potter_

Her father may have been a rocket scientist; space might have been part of her growing up, but Brit Elders never expected to carve out a career scanning the skies for unidentified flying objects.

Now a world recognized UFO researcher, her “accidental” introduction to “visitors from outer space” took place in the late 1970s when Brit and her husband, Lee, made headlines and history with their landmark investigation of the Billy Meier contact case. Decades later, the Elders are still on the trail of UFOs, and are currently considered the foremost chroniclers of the literally hundreds of Mexico City UFO sightings which began in 1991 at the time of the solar eclipse. Now, 34 years after her first “close encounter” with the UFO community, Brit is more passionate than ever about her work. UFO activity is at its highest right now, she believes; sightings are occurring all over the world, and UFOs traveling Earth’s friendly skies continue to be a global phenomenon. In response to the increase in activity, many countries around the world are actively taking measures to ramp up the release of information, pool resources, and channel funds into UFO sighting investigations.

In contrast, she says, the US has been slow to acknowledge the existence of UFOs, and what “information” the public has is gleaned largely from alien-invasion Sci-Fi films and tabloid stories about little green men.

The Elders’ mission is to open minds and change perceptions of who these Star travelers are and why they have chosen to give us a visit. Through the release of videos, films and photographs of UFOs from all around the globe, they hope to change the way humankind views our “alien” visitors.

LINDA POTTER: You and Lee didn’t set out originally to be UFO Researchers. What’s the story behind why you made such a dramatic change in your career direction?

BRIT ELDERS: In 1976 my husband I and some associates started a company called Intercep. Intercep was designed to be an electronics communication company which protected people from eavesdropping and wiretapping.

My husband’s background is in investigation. So, Lee knew the criteria for what constituted a good investigation and what would hold up in court, and things like that. In the middle of our company taking off, we were working for Fortune 500 companies all across the US and were doing things like the Honeywell Symposium on Computer Security. We were really moving this company forward. Then a friend, who was a retired air force colonel, came to us and asked us to get involved in a UFO investigation.

It was a total departure from the left brain move-it-forward business that we had, and it took some prodding. The investigation that Lt. Colonel Wendell Stevens brought to us was the Billy Meier case in Switzerland. This was a Pleiadian contact case that, according to Wendell at that time, had a lot of evidence. We had no idea what we were walking into, but Intercep had a client in Europe, so we decided we would [connect with them] and then just take a side trip over to Switzerland.

LP: This was apparently way “outside the box” for you and Lee. What convinced you to get involved?

BE: Well, we had seen these amazing photographs and our initial reaction was that they were too good to be true. Lee went in primarily with the objective that this will be a quick investigation — we’ll blow this guy out of the water and go on about life.

When we got there (now this is going back into 1978) we were absolutely amazed because here was a one-armed farmer who at that time had a huge barn, half of which was the house and half of which was the barn, and a beautiful piece of property that was basically undeveloped. There was no indoor plumbing. They had a sink in the kitchen, but it didn’t drain out to anything except a bucket; they had to haul their water inside; and there were no toilets. The first time we met Billy Meier he was washing his face in a horse trough.

Five years later — metal samples, audio recordings of space ships (according to Meier), hundreds of photographs, movie footage and hundreds of witnesses — we were still in the investigation. The science of the investigation took us to major labs all across the country and around the world. Everybody was looking for how this could be hoaxed, and you would get into a lab like JPL and you’d have one guy going, “I don’t know how they did it,” and the other guy saying, “Well there’s got to have been a way.” It was quite a way to get your feet wet.

LP: After the Billy Meier case did you ever consider investigating high profile sightings like Roswell?

BE: We’ve avoided getting caught up in UFO history and the “is the government covering things up” stuff. All of our investigations are dealing with current things — issues that are happening at that particular time.

LP: What are you working on currently?

BE: The latest and the longest [investigation] we’ve ever been involved in began in Mexico City in July of 1991. During the 1991 eclipse there were many people who were filming the eclipse, and they caught this great hockey-puck shaped object in the sky right next to the eclipsing sun. A friend of ours (Jaime Maussan) in Mexico tracked us down and said, “I want you guys in on this.” We’ve been working with Jaime since then. There are now literally thousands of videos of unidentified objects in the skies over Mexico. They have not stopped. Mexico is still probably the hotbed [of UFO activity] on the planet.

LP: Why do you think Mexico has seen so much UFO activity? Do you think it has anything to do with how receptive they are to what’s going on in their skies?

BE: I think there are a lot of reasons why. First of all, the culture there is primarily Catholic with a lot of indigenous input into their views and beliefs, so they’re more receptive to miracles. They look at this as something wonderful. So the public has an open mind. Also the government isn’t closed to it [publicly discussing the UFO sightings] like ours is. In fact, a few years ago the Mexican Air Force took footage of unknowns on the FLIR Radar and they took them right away to Jaime. They said we‘ve got to talk about this. We discussed what these objects could be and why they were tracking that plane. It made headlines all around the world, but in Mexico it was an ongoing discussion.

LP: Have you personally witnessed the Mexico City UFOs?

BE: We’ve taken film crews from the United States and from Japan and gone down there and had success getting objects on camera during stakeouts. In fact, there’s one place — Casita Blanca — that’s a hotbed for UFO activity. It’s near a little town called Atlixo. We interviewed the mayor of Atlixo and we said, “Do you think they [the aliens and UFOs] are really here?” And he said, “Oh, everybody knows they’re here because 99 percent of the people have seen them.” Okay. “Do you think they’re dangerous?” He started laughing. “No, no, no, they would have already eaten us.” That evening we took a film crew and went out to Casita Blanca. We got there early and set up on top of this hill where they said the UFOS came in all the time, and all of a sudden people started arriving like you can’t believe. It was a giant party. People were carrying their kids on their shoulders, grandma in a chair, and they were hauling her up the hill to watch the UFOs.

LP: I’ve read that the 1991 arrival of UFOs in Mexico was foretold by the Mayans.

BE: Yes. The July 1991 sun (or solar eclipse) was the beginning of a period of awareness. It’s called the beginning of the sixth sun and what they said was the Star Brothers would return with that eclipse, bringing knowledge.

LP: Was that just the beginning? It appears that UFO activity has almost become part of the culture in that area.

BE: Yes. In 1993 on New Year’s Day, while we were watching football, we got a call from Mexico and [were told] they’re having this massive sighting over the city. The long road that goes all the way across Mexico City literally came to a standstill. People got out of their cars, lay back on the hood of their cars and watched these objects in the sky in broad daylight. People enjoy it; they don’t try to shoot it out of the air or overanalyze it. It’s just there.

LP: If the Mayans knew about “Star Brothers,” UFO activity must date a lot farther back than Roswell!

BE: We’ve traveled the world looking at different things and it’s remarkable. It’s in the history of the planet. Something that is revered. Extraterrestrial life, otherworldly life is revered by indigenous people all around the planet. Scientists are finally wrapping their minds around it saying, “This is interesting — maybe we can look at it without being terribly ridiculed.” That’s the big thing that stops everyone.

LP: You live in Northern Arizona. It seems like Arizona and New Mexico have consistently seen a lot of UFO activity. Is that why you’ve chosen to live there?

BE: No, not really. My husband and I are both native Arizonans and its simply beautiful here! The reason for that [the large number of sightings], especially in Arizona, is because we have major observatories here, so we have low lighting levels for the cities. We also have a lot more rural space which affords more opportunities for watching and seeing. Plus we’ve got Sedona with all of its vortexes! It’s always amazing how that area seems to attract them [the UFOs]. New Mexico also seems to attract them because there are a lot of sightings there as well.

LP: There seems to be a perception that the UFO community attracts “crazies” and more than its fair share of the “fringe element.” How do you get past the credibility issue?

BE: If there were a UFO research society that just investigated the thump-on-it hard evidence that exists, that, would be one thing. But you also have the people who have been abducted and are remembering things through hypnosis or past life regression or acupuncture — something. And then you have the people who have been telepathically contacted. They all have their own truth. This is probably the biggest lesson I took from and am still taking from all of our years in this subject. Everyone has their own perspective and their own truth. I can’t prove — and this is tough to say considering all the years and money put into the case — that Billy Meier had that experience. He’s the only one that knows. I can prove whether or not his evidence supports his claim. But that’s all. I didn’t have the experience. It’s the same thing with the “fringe element” [that are associated with UFOs]. You have to allow those people to express themselves. Some of the ones that come off the craziest have the most interesting information to share. So you’ve just got to get out of your own way. That’s tough because you go into things with your own pre-conceived notions.

LP: I had a conversation once with a gentleman who claimed to have had lunch with a Reptilian. I didn’t know how to react. I was just not ready to go there, and it was hard to listen to his story with an open mind. Yet, I’m really interested in learning more about UFOs.

BE: If this guy says he had lunch with a Reptilian, that’s his choice. That’s just something that I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around yet either. That’s his truth and I’m not playing in that.

But then there are people who’ve had amazing experiences, especially contactees, who go through a process of having to prove it to themselves. They have usually taken it to the media; somebody has made fun of them and they shut it down. That’s so unfortunate because there’s so much to be learned and to be shared. Whether something is valid or not resonates in each individual differently. Okay, I can’t [resonate] with the Reptilian at lunch. (I’m not sure what a Reptilian would order?), but I could do a telepathic contact with a being that looks different than us.

LP: There’s a lot of interest in what 2012 might bring. Is there anything in the Mayan calendar that suggests increased UFO activity in 2012? BE: No, there’s not. The opening was in 1991. And if you go back over the years since 1991 you’re going to see that UFO reports have been increasing all around the world. And it’s not just the telepathic, unseen kind of reality. With the advent of video cameras, cell phones and all of that, if people see something they film it. I do believe there are actually more sightings now than there have been for years and years!

Brit and Lee Elders have written two books on UFOs and produced several videos, including three videos produced in conjunction with Mexican investigative journalist Jaime Maussan:

  • Messengers of Destiny: Prophecies - UFOs - Earth Changes
  • Masters of the Stars: The OVNIs of Mexico
  • Voyagers of the Sixth Sun: UFOs and the Destiny of Mexico


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Corrado Balducci, an insider close to the Pope, revealed that the Catholic Church believes extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. He has researched and provided analysis of extraterrestrial contact he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology.

Brit Elders Responds: The Vatican observatory has been coming out with little statements forever and it’s something we should be paying attention to. We need to look at what different religions are saying. The Hebrew Book of Light says there were men from the sky in the earth in these days. That’s a pretty profound statement. Brigham Young said [in Journal of Discourses], “Mankind are here because they are the offspring of parents [Adam and Eve] who were first brought here from another PLANET, and power was given them to propagate their species." You don’t get that quoted very often. That would sort of rock a few people.

: Linda M. Potter is a licensed spiritual counselor, popular speaker, published author and the Managing Editor of BellaSpark magazine. Her book, If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! is due out in spring of 2010.,