She Talks to the Animals and They Talk Back: An Interview with Amelia Kinkade

by Linda M. Potter

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by Linda M. Potter

Amelia Kinkade loves animals, especially cats. She and feline pal Rocky live a peaceful, happy existence in the mountains outside of Seattle. Like most cat lovers, she absolutely adores her cat companion, and there’s nothing the least bit unusual about their close bond. Except that Rocky is a bobcat… a very big bobcat. Rocky resides with Kinkade and her boyfriend, along with a Great Dane, peacocks, pigeons and parrots. "It’s a veritable zoo,” she laughs. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

This gifted animal communicator has “conversed” with living creatures of all shapes and sizes, from elephants and lions to lizards and tarantulas. In 2002, she was invited to Buckingham Palace to work with the household cavalry of Queen Elizabeth II and to “whisper” with the hunting horses of Prince Charles.

She enjoys hanging out at places like turtle sanctuaries and wildlife parks, and leads safaris in Africa. She lectures in 10-15 countries a year and can be found traversing the globe to keynote international festivals, make appearances at movie conventions and attend book signings.

She runs workshops to teach others how they too, can become animal whisperers, an ability she says we all have and can tap into if we’re willing to try.

This charismatic best-selling author of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers, and The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals doesn’t mind being dubbed a “real-life Dr. Doolittle,” but she’s more like a Dr. Does-a-Lot, or Dr. Does-Everything, she laughs. Her effervescent, high-energy personality speaks to her background in theatre and dance, a career she left behind to walk and talk with the animals. How did that happen exactly? “It’s a long story, but basically, God took over my life,” she says smiling. Actually, the story goes something like this:

Linda M. Potter: You’ve said your path to becoming an animal communicator began with a cantankerous cat with a bad attitude named Rodney. Can you tell me a little about what actually happened?

Amelia Kinkade: Rodney was this hilarious little rescue cat who would go off like a fire alarm every time I left him alone. I was living in an apartment building where I wasn’t supposed to have cats and he got me kicked out. He was about to get me kicked out of a condo building, so I took him to see a “mysterious” animal psychic. And she told me things she had no way of knowing!

First, she described a peach colored couch in my den as his favorite place to sleep. Then she said this peach colored couch with white flowers overlooked a bay window. Across the street was a wooden fence, and behind that wooden fence was a little white terrier. And, she added, Rodney goes over there and makes that dog bark. Well, I almost fainted because I had a peach colored floral couch in the den, and across the street was a little white terrier behind a wooden fence. I didn’t know my cat went over there to torment the dog. Long story short, Rodney was having terrible separation anxiety. The woman’s solution was for me to get Rodney a cat girlfriend. And I did. That immediately solved all of his problems.

LMP: Did the psychic’s success with getting Rocky to share with her inspire you to learn more about communicating with animals?

AK: Yes, it did. So, I signed up for a little animal communication class this lady was teaching in somebody’s back yard – all the while thinking I was the last person on earth who could actually do this kind of thing. But when the time came to speak with the dog she had with her, I started taking notes. And what came out were pages and pages of tear-stained automatic writing. The dog told me about having lived in a trailer park with a huge pine tree in front. On the other side of a chain link fence was a Labrador, and she felt that if she ever had puppies she wanted to have them with this black Lab. Well, the mom human got divorced, took her away, and got her fixed. Now, the dog told me, she spends her time taking care of all the neighborhood cats. The mom human burst into tears when she found out her dog missed that Labrador so much. And she confirmed everything I’d relayed.

LMP: I read that you were “discovered” at a Hollywood party where word got out that you could speak to animals. Then, before you knew it, you were the new animal expert on Mo Gaffney’s TV show.

AK: Yes, and then I was contacted by the producers of another television show and the next thing I knew, they wrote a chapter on me in The 100 Top Psychics in America… and they published my home phone number.

At 3a.m. I would get hysterical calls from places like Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Germany. “My cat is missing, my dog is missing!” It escalated to the point where people were crying hysterically in my arms all over the world. And they’d bring me situations I’d never heard of, such as UFOs abducting dogs in their backyards. Everything -- including human problems, horrible human problems.

LMP: How did you handle this sudden stardom and all the unexpected fallout that came with it?

AK: Every day I just surrendered to being in service. And it wasn’t that hard because what I do is incredibly rewarding. I get to meet lions that are just perfect, and the people who have the cheetah sanctuary take me where no one’s allowed to go. People in Thailand who have elephants take me where no one’s allowed to go… It’s amazing.

LMP: You have also become a spiritual counselor. How much has that helped you?

AK: What I do is teach people how to pray for their pet, how to support them when they’re ill, how to support their bodies. I also teach people how to usher them into the gates of heaven gracefully, beautifully and with dignity. It’s [important to] extend that kind of consciousness to all living beings. I’m a firm believer that we can’t isolate human spirituality. We have to include the whales, the lions, the tigers, the dolphins, the chimpanzees the butterflies; everything is God individualized. I think animals are closer to Source because, for example, a dog is unconditional love in a fur suit. Animals don’t judge the way humans do. They don’t get in their own way the way we do.

LMP: You’ve worked with hundreds of animals. Is there one type of animal you most like to work with?

AK: I’d get in so much trouble picking a favorite. But I can tell you I am a big cat and predator specialist. But I also work with a lot of bunnies and kangaroos, and I can’t say I love them any less. Part of my whole philosophy is that I love every living being. That’s what opens the lines of communication. If somebody brings me an abused dog, I have to love him as much as I do a tiger cub. That’s a challenge because I really like tigers and lions a lot. I also like big cats and elephants a lot.

LMP: Is there one particular animal client that stands out in your mind? Has there been a “teacher’s pet” somewhere along the line?

AK: I worked with a woman early on with an iguana who was failing. The iguana, Fred, refused to eat and was starving to death. I asked the iguana, “Is there anything you would eat?” Then every time I tuned into the iguana’s belly, I saw something that looked like green grapes. So, I said to the owner, have you tried grapes? No, she told me she hadn’t tried grapes. But she was willing to try. She called me later to say that Fred won’t eat the grapes. Fred won’t eat anything. So, I kept asking him, “What do you want?” And Fred told me, “I need to move around. I need more room. I’m stuck in a cage. I need more room.”
The client finally found a vet who was willing to work on iguanas and he checked Fred out. Well, Fred turns out to be a Fredwina. Not only is Fred female, but Fred is pregnant. The little grapes I saw were the eggs. When an iguana is pregnant she needs to walk. Iguanas deliver the eggs as they’re walking along. Fred was a pregnant female iguana, not a dying male iguana. As soon as she was able to walk and lay her eggs, she was fine.

LMP: What was your most unusual animal client?

Some Great White Sharks came out to meet me in South Africa. I had called the meeting two months earlier from Los Angeles. But when I got to South Africa, I was told that there were no shark sightings and I should return later. It was the wrong time of year, they said, and I was not going to see a shark. I was on camera at the time, and I kept saying, “You’re wrong! The matriarch’s coming and she’s bringing me a teenage boy. A teenage male shark. She said she was coming.” They kept saying, no, no, no. Well, the sharks showed up; three teenage girls and then the teenage boy followed by the matriarch, an old, enormous grandma of the Great White Sharks. We talked about what humans are doing to them [Great White Sharks] and how they’re pulling them up onto boats and chopping off their fins. And then throwing them back in alive. (The Japanese are doing this.)

LMP: Do you also talk to insects? Have you ever talked to a spider, for example?

AK: Of course! I had tarantulas in my workshop in Germany. And everybody cried. The tarantula was the biggest hit. Everybody in the room — over 30 people said, “She’s grieving.” There had been another tarantula that had just died. She just lost her best friend and it looked like it was her sister. Tarantulas feel feelings. They think thoughts. They have complicated relationships. They care about their children.

LMP: Are you also a Medium? Are you able to communicate with animals who have passed on, who are now on the Other Side?

AK: Oh, yes. What I find is that they are often with their human's ancestors. My grandmother keeps my animals. I always know when one’s about to pass over because my grandmother in heaven starts making appearances to come get them. Most of the time, the animals on the other side are with our own loved ones. It’s as easy to speak to them when they’ve crossed over as it is when they’re alive. The soul is the soul – an indestructible source of energy. No one really dies. Animals just go into their angel body until they’re ready to come back. They often even reincarnate to the same owner.

LMP: When pets reincarnate do they come back as the same animal?

AK: In a workshop once I had a little stinky, weaselly ferret, and the ferret said, “Tell my mother (the human) that I was the little black and white dog that died last May. And I’ve come back as a ferret because she just moved and she’s not allowed to have dogs in her apartment.”

Love is eternal. Pets are always going to love you. They find their way back so they can be near you again. It’s been my experience that reincarnation knows no bounds. It’s a controversial idea, but consciousness is consciousness.

LMP: I have to admit I used to talk to my daughter’s pet bunnies. And I actually felt like they heard me. When you do your talks and workshops, how do you teach people to communicate with animals?

AK: I try to bring my students into a place of balance where they can quiet their thoughts and emotions, so when the bunny speaks to them, they can hear him. This is the whole paradigm of 2012 and the new world. We’re developing multi-dimensional attributes. And one of the most crucial parts of our evolution of the species if we’re going to continue to survive on this planet is developing our third eye, our sixth sense, our psychic ability — whatever you want to call it. That way, when someone else is thinking or feeling something, hurting or in need, whether it's a rabbit, a giraffe, a lion, or a dolphin, or any other living thing, you will be able to perceive that.

The workshop itself is a series of meditations and games. We pray and we cry and we dance and we laugh. You work with a dog and then you do something else. You work with a horse and then you laugh. You work with a cat and then you cry. You do it all.

Linda M. Potter is a popular writer, speaker, and the author of If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! available through Barnes and Noble, at your local book store, through,, and at Linda is also the Managing Editor of BellaSpark Magazine. or at <>.