Celestine Prophecy Author Unveils a Twelfth Insight: An Interview with James Redfield

by Linda M. Potter

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by Linda M Potter

Unless you’ve been locked away in a remote mountain cabin for the last 18 years, it’s most likely you’ve at least heard of James Redfield’s blockbuster book, The Celestine Prophecy. It was an international phenomenon that spent 165 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list and was translated into 34 languages. As of 2008, it had sold over 23 million copies worldwide. The Celestine Prophecy follows an unnamed “everyman” as he hunts down an ancient Peruvian manuscript containing nine “Insights” that harken a New Age of spirituality.

The book is a fast-paced, high-action adventure story that reads more like Raiders of the Lost Ark, than one of the most influential spiritual books of the last two decades. But that was part of its appeal. Eighteen years have passed, and during that time Redfield has introduced us to two more Insights through The Tenth Insight (1998) and The Secret of Shambhala (2001). And now, as the world anticipates closing the books on the Mayan calendar in 2012, one more Insight is yet to be discovered. The search for the various fragments of the mysterious manuscript takes readers to the other side of the globe, to the ancient land of Egypt. There, our Hero’s nearly two-decade-long quest comes full circle atop Mount Sinai. The message? That mankind is facing a life-changing “hour of decision.”

The discovery of the Twelfth Insight comes at a pivotal time in human history — the beginning of the cosmic countdown that many believe will produce the final shift to a Consciousness of global unity. The man behind the unveiling of this new (and perhaps last) Insight says he’s ready for whatever lies ahead.

Linda M. Potter: March 9, 2011 ushers in the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar which is the final stage before it comes to an end on the winter solstice of 2012. Did you intentionally choose to release The Twelfth Insight at this time to match up with that event?

James Redfield: No, I didn’t plan that. It’s just the way the synchronicity turned out. I had to wait until I really saw Twelfth-Insight phenomena out there to write the book. I tell people all the time that I’m not making this up; these Insights are real steps that can be described and observed in society. A year and a half ago I became convinced that another Insight, another step was happening — the twelfth. Then I started trying to describe it.

LMP: When you started working on The Twelfth Insight in 2009, were you feeling a connection to 2012?

JR: While the focus on the calendar is traditionally Dec. 21, 2012, it [the shift] is already coming in. We can feel it. It will come in in steps. That’s why I was amazed between my reading [or awareness] of the Twelfth Insight as it was emerging out there and what the Mayans actually said would happen.

LMP: You’ve written that “There is a new clarity about the nature of the Universe and how we, as individuals can put spiritual knowledge into very practical application to find a higher path through life.” What phenomena were you seeing that aligned with this message of The Twelfth Insight?

JR: Things like books. For example, when Marianne Williamson’s book The Age of Miracles came out I thought, that’s definitely a Twelfth-Insight book — it signals a new expectation for the way life is supposed to go. We’ve been thru decades of trying to get clear on how to actually live a spiritual life. The Twelfth Insight is all about putting our spiritual insight into practice and really living it at higher levels than has been seen on the planet. That’s the way I like to describe the Twelfth Insight. It’s an actual clarity about how to do it all. The “integrations” in The Twelfth Insight are about building into our everyday life skills like sustaining synchronicity. Or realizing our very Being has an influence on other people. Once we realize that, of course, we know how important every thought is and what we stand for is. This is the way we begin to embody Truth. Truth is the activating principle in the Universe.

LMP: Do you feel like this is a global shift that’s taking place?

JR: There’s something happening out there. I recently got an email from a woman in Australia who talked about the floods they had. She was telling me about all the help that was coming from nowhere. Volunteers were coming in just at the right time and somehow they intuitively knew where they were needed. She said, “It’s just magical!” You also saw that in Haiti. You see it more and more in everything from wild fires to flooding, to earthquakes. There’s a Law of Service as I talked about in the book. If you’re truthful and of service, the world opens up for you to be in the right place at the right time to apply that service. It’s an exciting time to be alive, pulling all this information together. Life should be a series of unfolding synchronicities that guide our lives. It’s not that we don’t have to deal with very practical problems, but in the actual dealing with these problems, very often, if we follow our intuition, we’re guided through that. It’s that experience that characterizes the Twelfth Insight for me.

LMP: Did you plan on revealing 12 insights when you first wrote The Celestine Prophecy back in 1993? Or was that just how many Insights showed up?

JR: Twelve is usually a holy number. In the beginning I thought there would probably be twelve. (But I’d be ok with there being a 13th). I really think, though, that the twelfth will be all there is, and it will take years for it to truly manifest in society. We’ll have sort of an ebb and flow as it’s catching on. There’s already a call for civility in American politics, but that’s going to go through a lot of perturbations as it comes to fruition.

LMP: One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about the Celestine Series books is that they teach spirituality through story, rather than through a self-help book format. Was that a conscious choice on your part, or was that where you were led?

JR: It was where I was led certainly — intuitively. Story leaves you with the reality that it’s presenting. I call that the “parable effect.” But I’m not actually thinking about that when I’m writing.

LMP: After The Celestine Prophecy became such a success, there were rumors that a movie was in the works. But it wasn’t until many years later that you actually released The Celestine Prophecy movie. Can you comment on that?

JR: Our first effort was actually an attempt to do a miniseries. That didn’t work. The devil’s in the details, and we thought we could do it with this particular group of people — CBS actually. It just didn’t work out. They really weren’t serious about capturing the heart of the book. When we finally did The Celestine Prophecy movie, we made it ourselves.

LMP: How would you summarize the message that all twelve of the Insights (as a whole) have for us?

JR: They each build upon themselves. It’s one thing to understand them intellectually, but what’s most important is the way we see actual integration. That’s what’s happening with the Twelfth Insight. We’ve finally been thinking about this long enough to actually do it.

LMP: What do we now know that we didn’t before?

JR: The missing ingredient has been making sure that our journey reflected Truth. I believe Truth activates synchronicity. Intentions will get you some synchronicity; prayer will get you synchronicity, but until you’re really living a truthful, fairly transparent embodiment of it, you’re not really centered enough to hear all those intuitions — to act on them, to recognize the synchronicity and to know how to interpret it. Stay centered in your own truth and be willing to let that truth evolve into an ever better truth through conscious conversation with other people. And that’s the flow of life. We’re all building a better consensus about how to actually live spiritually in this world. It’s really starting to pay off now.

LMP: For me, the Insights revealed through the Celestine Prophecy book series were “tools” to help us live a more spiritual life. But is it correct that the Twelve Insight was saying that Truth and synchronicity, in particular, were the key elements?

JR: And realizing that it’s a real God connection we’re making, that we’re downloading a greater connection with the Divine. The Laws that I talk about in the book; I believe those are the real laws that we are now discovering. If you want your life to go better, you get in harmony with and in sync with these design features of this world.

LMP: You talk about Truth as an “activator.” How do we go about living more Truth-fully?

JR: Tell the absolute Truth to everybody who crosses your path and asks. Look for Truth in them as well. Then be of service. Think of what you can do to help the other person you’re talking to. Karmically, that creates a positive karmic response so you then draw in people who are trying to be in service to you. That’s better than [karmically drawing in] people who will manipulate you in the same way you’ve manipulated others. A clearing has to take place to make this stuff work. You can talk about the Law of Attraction all day long, and you can pin pictures of new cars on your board. You’ll get the new car, but what you’ll also get is the karma [that’s intended] to wake you up to what your soul really wants. Your soul doesn’t want a new car; your soul wants to do that mission that you came in here with.

LMP: You share an anecdote about crows that once flew above you while you were outdoors writing, and you somehow knew they were beckoning you into a nearby canyon. You intuitively knew that it was a sign, and the crows wanted you to follow them. How do we recognize signs when they show up?

JR: Watch for synchronicities. See them in everything. The Twelve Insight discovery is that the way to keep more synchronicity in our lives is to think about it, look for it — be in that space where you’re always waiting for the next synchronicity. All of us have things we’re trying to get done. If we’re centered in that truth of what we’re trying to do then we’re learning to wait faithfully for the next synchronicity to unfold. It’s really about paying attention. We’re starting to tune in. A crow is still a crow, but some kind of higher hand of fate is at work.

LMP: Tell me about the Global prayer project that you founded with your wife, Salle.

JR: It’s the world’s largest ongoing prayer group. We meet every two weeks and we focus on a challenge somewhere in the world, whether it’s a manmade or government conflict, or a natural disaster.

We do meditation, prayer and visualization. We try to be One with these people and visualize them lifting into their own God connection and finding the peace, wisdom and intuitive guidance that will help them deal with their problem. We believe prayer works! People just need to go to www.celestinevision.com to participate.

LMP: How many people take part in these twice-monthly telewebcasts?

JR: There are thousands, but it’s hard to know an exact number. We currently have over 30,000 people on our membership list.

The launch of The Twelfth Insight marks the release of James Redfield’s seventh book. On March 9, 2011, the “beginning of the end” of the Mayan Calendar, he will be in Seattle, Washington, sharing his insights with yet another eager group of spiritual seekers.

Linda M. Potter is a licensed spiritual counselor, popular speaker, published author and the Managing Editor of BellaSpark magazine. Her book, If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! is due out in spring of 2011. <lindampotter@comcast.net>, www.lindampotter.com.