Walking the Rainbow Bridge

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by Brent Hunter

“We have the opportunity to build a Rainbow Bridge into the Golden Age. But to do this, we must do it together with all the colors of the rainbow, with all the peoples, all the beings of the world. We who are alive on Earth today are the Rainbow Warriors who face the challenge of building this bridge.” - Brooke Medicine Eagle Daughter of the Rainbow, Crow and Lakota Medicine Woman

During a time of great darkness, the Earth’s waters will be dirty, the air polluted, the land ravaged and filled with warring peoples. During this time of unrest and sadness, a great new wind from the land of the Eastern Sun will blow across the land worldwide.

People of all colors will come together in the spirit of love, compassion, peace, unity, reconciliation and understanding, with respect for the sanctity of all life, the sanctity of nature and the sanctity of the Earth herself.

These humble and courageous people from all corners of the world will be known by many names: Rainbow Warriors, Light Warriors, Rainbow Children of God, Light Workers, Rainbow Tribe, Peaceful Warriors… they will come together and resolve their mutual problems as adults, with the recognition that they are guardians of a positive future and are caretakers of the Earth for all future generations.

These people of many colors will share their universal truths with one another from their hearts, and they will see that their truths are the same, bearing different names and forms, but the same none the less. The medicine they carry is the Whirling Rainbow of Peace, and it will connect their heads and their hearts, it will connect them to one another. These multi-colored people will come together in the spirit of unity amidst their diversity, they will spread a wave of love, compassion, wisdom, peace and harmony, they will help restore balance in all areas of life; they will help change the face of the world forever.

By coming together as one family while following their common truths, they will walk across a bridge together – The Rainbow Bridge to Peace.

What is The Rainbow Bridge? The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge: • Between ourselves and our higher selves. • Between our heads and our hearts, individually and collectively. • Between all living beings. • Between Heaven and Earth. • Between the physical world and the etheric world. • Between who we think we are and who we truly are. • Between the present and the future. • Between many and One – It is the vehicle to manifest E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, ONE”) in the physical world. • Between religions, races, people, groups, organizations, institutions and nations - a global, universal bridge for THE PEOPLE. • Between our current global economic system based on competition to one based on partnership, collaboration and harmony. • The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge from war to peace and prosperity in the 21st century.

A Bridge in Time As we travel across The Rainbow Bridge together, with the collective intention of creating a positive sustainable future that works for the greatest number of people, we are traveling across a bridge in time. We travel from our present moment to a time in the future, whether that time is 10 seconds from now or 10 years from now. The Rainbow Bridge is therefore a bridge to the future: our future of peace, harmony, unity and prosperity.

The concept of a bridge in time or a bridge to the future is extremely powerful. It is deliberately global and includes and honors all people from all walks of life in all corners of the globe and is by definition strong enough and wide enough for all travel across. As we move forward together as world citizens, on any common activity, collaborating to co-create a positive future, we need to do so in a coordinated, harmonious and unified fashion. It is for these reasons that The Rainbow Bridge is also a bridge from me to We, from the many to One.

*Excerpted from The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace by Brent N. Hunter. Hunter is an IT Consultant and author. www.TheRainbowBridge.org.