Usher in 2012 by Shifting Realms of Perception

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by Danae Shanti

Now that 2012 has arrived, people are asking where they belong, some feel pressured to discover their life paths. Others are already living their purpose yet feel like they’re not doing enough. They are feeling that energy is quickening, time is slipping through our hands and the evolution of consciousness is on a roll.

We are clearly shifting realms and if you are here living in a body, you’re on for the ride. Our focus on the physical realm and time orientation is giving way to higher vibrations of existence.

How do we consciously get on board with this realm shift? Most of us are on automatic pilot, forgetting our multidimensional nature. We ignore the support available to us from the greater love in which we exist, that of our Beingness, of Spirit. Now, we are invited to shift from limited thought to mystical, magical possibility. We are invited to access tools of inspiration and insight to guide our actions and choices -- to allow magnificence to be our way, to go beyond personality.

How do we do this? By finding a ground in ourselves we can begin to align from the inside out. The following exercise is designed to help with this:

• Sit comfortably, relax your belly. Breathe between your pubic bone and navel, gently and deeply. • Let these questions guide you. Suspend judgments and simply notice responses:
1. Who do you think you are? 2. What work do you deliver to the world?
3. In what areas do you feel unfulfilled?
4. What excites you?
5. Are you living outwardly who you are inside?

Continue breathing deeply as you read on.

Your answers indicate the realm of perceptions from which you live. You may be clinging to perceptions of what is or isn’t possible for you. Clinging creates a contraction of energy instead of a lively, interactive dance with your life force.

Imagine the life force wisdom at play right now beating your heart, operating all systems in your body and controlling your breath. Not only does this same energy support life on Earth, it creates galaxies, universes and planets. It is the intelligence that grows flowers through breaks in sidewalks. This life force is what we are made of and is indeed who we are.

Shifting realms of perception, we can begin to feel this life force energy as us. We are much more expansive than we think.

• Continue breathing and engage the following exercise:

  1. Inhale; imagine you are drinking in life force energy and wisdom.
  2. Inhale renewing, vivifying energy as blessings from your multidimensional nature.
  3. Whisper “Yes” as you breathe in.
  4. Exhale; let go of any limited perception of who you think you are.
  5. Give up negative thoughts.

• Then breathing deeply:

Imagine that you are a diamond with hundreds of facets reflecting the light, creating a magnificent dance. The diamond represents the many aspects of yourself; the light is your consciousness.

Observe whether you are engaging only one or two facets of this diamond body that you are. Notice that there are hundreds of facets, as there are hundreds of possible expressions of you. Breathe and feel this potential as you ask these questions:

  1. Who do I identify myself as?
  2. What few facets do I gravitate to?
  3. Who am I as a being with unlimited expression?

Now, imagine expanding your awareness around this diamond, inside and out.

Your consciousness is whirling throughout the whole diamond.

Feel the space this creates.

Creating space is an important ingredient in shifting realms. Space helps us to reach beyond our well-worn habits of perception and allows us room to access a higher vibrational consciousness. We are much more than we think.

A realm shift is happening cosmically and globally. It is happening within and without. If we join the ride consciously, we can get clear on what we want and who we are as true spiritual beings. Together, we can midwife 2012 with beauty, richness and grace.

Danae Shanti is Founder of The Breathing Life and co-author of Evolutions in Consciousness, a powerful MP3 program of 25 transformational consciousness shifting sessions set to music, including topics such as "Realm Shift." A certified breath trainer, singer/songwriter, she serves Spirit worldwide through trainings, concerts and product distribution. &