Use Angel Energy to Manifest Your Dreams for 2014

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by Gary Quinn

2014: What The Future Holds

It’s the new year, and many of us will make our usual New Year’s resolutions – such as losing weight, getting in in shape or stopping smoking. But it’s important to realize that 2014 is not just another ordinary year with the usual set of 12 months rolling out. We are living in exciting, changing times. Visionaries, spiritual teachers and prophets from traditions across the world say that this is a time of great transition for all humanity. We are readying ourselves for a quantum evolutionary leap ─ a huge shift that transcends any individual year.

The Angels

As wonderful as this time of rapid spiritual growth, change and shifting is, it won’t be easy. We can’t do it alone. So it’s time for guidance, but where do we turn to get help with this accelerated spiritual navigation? We must seek out the best guides possible: the angels. The angels are the “wires of the universe” able to expedite the powerful spiritual connection we need to help us grow and thrive spiritually. The angels are all around us, waiting to help, but, we have to give them the green light. And these tumultuous, growth-filled times aren’t for the faint at heart. They are going to require the cream of-the-crop of angels−the Archangels. The Archangels are a higher order of angels whose role is to direct and oversee the guardian angels. (We all have guardian angels whose purpose is to love, protect, empower and guide us -- we are not alone!)

The Archangels are loving, non-physical light beings not limited to time and space. Like guardian angels, the Archangels adhere to the law of free-will; therefore you must ask for their assistance and then they will lovingly and powerfully assist.

And there is one archangel in particular who is up for this huge challenge: Archangel Michael. He is the archangel of protection, peace, safety, clarity and moving forward. Perfect for the job at hand. Michael will guide us through these difficult and uplifting times as we grow and evolve at lightening speed. He is divine strength and represents support, courage, and confidence. He’ll “fire you up” and encourage you to make healthy changes, as well as guide you to new opportunities and help you heal from past experiences. Michael will help you personally which in turn helps the entire planet.

Because Michael is considered the “warrior angel,” he gives guidance for the masses. In the three major religions -- Christian, Jewish and Islamic, Michael works ceaselessly to create a world of peace and harmony. He is the patron and protector, considered the mightiest of all saints. Who better to guide and protect the globe? So, how do we connect with this all-mighty archangel? And when we do, how do we know it’s him? There are several ways:

Reaching out

  1. Practice the Michael Meditation

Meditate at the same time each day. This is a great way to connect with all your angels and cultivate an openness and receptivity. Take several deep breaths. Allow a “wave of relaxation” as you exhale. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light. Bathe in the healing energy of his divine light. When you’re fully relaxed, talk to Michael (aloud or silently) and thank him for your life, appreciate his guidance, and ask him to protect and sustain you each day. Feel his closeness at hand.

  1. Pray

Prayer is perhaps one of the most ancient and mysterious of human experiences. There is an actual science to prayer. When we combine prayer with feeling, we create a powerful connection with powerful results.

Say this angel prayer aloud or silently before you seek an Angel’s help:

Beloved almighty. I am present. I command you to keep me, reminding me always to acknowledge you first in everything that I do. And when I accomplish something successfully see that I give the recognition to the angelic hosts who at the inner level are always assisting me in every constructive activity of my life. I accept my life as constant perfection.

  1. Receive and Record Michael’s Messages (This is even more powerful after you’ve done the meditation)

Get a pen and paper and be ready to “listen.” Ask Michael to write his messages through your pen. Begin to write thoughts, feelings, visions and words that come to you. To be sure it’s him and not your imagination, you can even write a question, “How do I know it’s really you talking to me?” and “listen” for the response, writing the words as they come to you.

Recognizing Michael’s Presence

  1. You hear a voice you can’t ignore. Michael has the loudest and clearest voice with a blunt speaking style, the easiest to hear.

  2. You connect with an undeniable truth. It’s an all-knowing coming from your intuition, not ego.

  3. You feel protected and at peace.

  4. A person who miraculously offers assistance is named Michael (or some variation of that name).

  5. You receive a sign. You can ask for a physical sign, but don’t specify. You’ll know it when you see it.

Tips to connect with your angel guides for 2014

  1. Ask for guidance right before you go to bed.

  2. Repeat your mantra over and over before sleep (find a mantra that resonates for you).

  3. Use Angel symbols -- figurines, trinkets, charms or pictures can remind you of your spirit guides.

Gary Quinn is the bestselling author of May the Angels Be With You, and his newest book The Yes Frequency. Quinn has been featured in publications such as People, US, and Glamour, has appeared on the Discovery Channel and Fox TV, and has been heard on over 200 radio shows.