The Phenomenon Called Braco

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There really is no logical, esoteric, religious, nor scientific explanation for what takes place when one is in the room with Braco.

I first saw the Croatian healer Braco (pronounced Braxo) at a metaphysical Conference in Bellaria on the Adriatic coast in 2007 when I was living in Italy. In a room filled with 700 hundred people, his powerful gaze sent energy through my body. Although I was not ill, I noticed a subtle but powerful transformation taking place. He affects people’s lives.

It was then I decided that America also needed to experience this phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon because there really is no logical, esoteric, religious, nor scientific explanation for what takes place when one is in the room with Braco, whether when he gazes at the general public either in person or by “live-streaming”.

I was lucky enough to sit down and converse with Drago Placko, the researcher/professor representing Braco at the time. He was studying Braco’s abilities in order to document them — abilities that included changing the molecular structure of water. He explained to me that people were healed in Austria, Germany and Croatia solely when Braco gazed at them. Thousands of testimonials in Europe are recorded in videos called “the invisible hug.” According to Placko there is no difference between the thought of hug and hug itself. When Braco becomes one with those in front of him just for a split second, the hug is there, an invisible but effective one.

Braco does not take money, does not lecture or talk at all during the gazing sessions and surprisingly is a normal family man. He was a successful businessman prior to meeting his mentor and Master, Ivica. While spending time with Ivica, Braco experienced something he describes as a "direct knowledge of my whole psyche and body" and an awareness of humanity's pains and fears. When not touring, Braco, an engineer, lives in Zagreb, Croatia, with his wife and 8-year old son. He spends his spare time with his family, enjoying playing with his son, swimming and walking through the forests near his home. I brought Braco with Drago Placko to Laughlin, Nevada, through The InternationaI UFO Congress, which also has a paranormal venue. People were amazed. The rest is history.

Although I felt energy in the first gazing I experienced with Braco in Italy, Drago explained that energy is not the right word. It's more like "inner certainty," an inner peace. At some point, Braco becomes aware of all the people around him at the same time. There is some form of contact experienced at that moment but nothing is flowing. It just is. When I asked Drago what was the origin of disease, he answered “by birth, we inherit the negative potential of biochemical imbalance and the only way to change it is to stop the inner biological clock by being here and now.” By gazing at Braco open-mindedly, we experience that change in perception of time and usually something suddenly changes in our lives. It is not a matter of time, but openness.

You will see in Braco’s gaze “a purity,” an innocence and a transmission of love. It is his contribution to humanity. For more information and testimonials of healings and stories of transformations from people in Europe and the U.S. visit

To see and understand how Braco gained his abilities to heal, there are two books available. The first, 21 Days with Braco by Angelicka Wycliff is a comprehensive book based on 21 days in Croatia on tour with Braco. The second, Das Mysterium Braco by Drago Placko describes the mystery of the Braco effect. Through these books, readers are able to feel Braco and use them to build a mental connection with Braco and to repeat and experience those gazing moments again and again.

Paola Leopizzi Harris is an International Journalist / researcher in the field of the paranormal.