The 12 Gifts of Christmas: #11 Gratitude

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by Ed & Deb Shapiro

On the first day of Christmas my true self gave to me… a dozen magnificent messages of wisdom and wonder from 12 popular speakers, authors, and visionaries. Each gift is from the heart, given with love exclusively for BellaSpark readers. Enjoy unwrapping these priceless life-affirming gifts!

Take a moment to appreciate the chair you are sitting on right now. Consider what went into its making: the wood, cotton, wool or other fibers, the trees and plants, the earth, rain and sun, the people and factory where the chair was made, the designer and carpenter and seamstress, the shop where you bought it—all this so you could be sitting here now.

There is no beginning place, just an endless stream of connectedness that has come together to enable you to be here right now, in this moment, sitting on your chair. And you think you have nothing worth appreciating or feeling grateful for?

Experiencing gratitude is totally transforming. It will lift every minute of your day. Develop an attitude of gratitude hourly, daily, weekly, finding different things to appreciate each time. Anything can go on this list: pets, people, toenails, trees, weather…

Then say “Thank you!” Say it out loud. And again. We can never have enough gratitude; let it fill every moment, every thought and every feeling.

Here are a few of the things we often forget to appreciate: each other, our breath, being able to walk, hot water, grapefruit, flannel sheets. Enjoy!

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