by Tracee Sioux

It is not often that I find myself so overwhelmed that I can’t find words. Still, for a week in October after the Emerging Women Conference in Boulder all I could do is sit in my orange meditation chair and weep.

My emotions kaleidoscoped around each other — shifting, glittering and transfiguring — with every minuscule turn of the eye piece. My emotional state was overwhelming awe at having witnessed the most powerful invocation of the Divine Feminine that I, personally, have ever seen. Quite possibly, it was the most powerful invocation of the Sacred Mother that has happened on the planet in recent centuries.

Billed as a conference for entrepreneurial women to increase their capacity to change the world by doing business consciously, the conference far exceeded expectations. The speaking lineup for this first-time conference were Author Rock Stars — Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eve Ensler, Alanis Morisette, Sera Beak, Christine Kane, Katie Gray and Tara Mohr—to scratch the surface of consciousness-raising presenters. The conference drew in the type of entrepreneurial women who were excited to pay $1,800 to sit at the spiritual "mastress's" feet and soak up their success, brilliance and wisdom.

It was worth every penny and more.

Underneath the layer of entrepreneurship and business training was something rare and magical. It was a union of brilliant, ambitious women who were out to change the world. They were overtly and intentionally turning away from the patriarchal corporate model and calling forth the inestimable powers of the Sacred Feminine. A new business paradigm was declared—one where consciousness would save the world and women themselves would rise up and lead through Divine Calling.

These women were chosen.

The tone was set early every morning with Spirit centered exercise and meditation. Community was created immediately with intimate Power Circles and sharing that provided such continuity through the conference that my own Power Circle skipped the last day of workshops to sit on the marble floor in a half lotus position to give each woman a chance to share her experiences.

The Spiritual Awakenings were so palpable you could hear them pop, like bubbles, among the 400 women. Heads were rested on the shoulders of strangers as epiphanies overcame the participants during one life-changing presentation after another. There were so many mind-shifting ideas presented that I wish I had more space to go into them in detail. A brief mention of two ideas that touched my insides and shifted my perceptions most deeply will have to suffice.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love spoke of the process of creativity. She told a tale of her most recent book, The Signature of All Things, and the comical path the Universe gave her to conceive the idea for her next novel.

Three books came to her, a gift from the “cockeyed genius” that lives in the walls and shoots creative ideas into the minds of artists who are open to them, only to leave her bewildered to realize those exact same ideas had already been birthed into the world by other mothers. The phenomenon was undeniable; these were not similar ideas, they were exact ideas given to her and other artists, but the other artists manifested them first.

"Ideas want to be made manifest," she asserted." They are looking for an open conduit, a willing person to manifest them. If you don’t manifest them then they will go find another mother who will."

"We are healed in relationship," Alanis Morissette, the ‘90s musical icon of angry girl pop, pronounced. It may not sound like a revolutionary statement at first glance. However, when you consider the plethora of spiritual speakers and guides who have proclaimed that healing takes place within the silence of one’s self, in connection with the Divine, you realize that the concept of healing only happening in relationship circumvents one of the fundamental tenants of New Thought belief completely. It invites us to reconsider the means and methods by which we’re seeking “a return to wholeness,” which is how Morissette defines the concept of being healed.

The women at the first annual Emerging Women Conference were chosen by the Divine Mother to be there. The Feminine Divine was seeking a place to infuse ambitious, motivated and successful women with her Spirit, to invite them to go forth and save the world, using their own purpose, paths and callings to do so. She could not have chosen better. These women will take the Divine Ideas of the Yin that bounced around the room looking for a place to land, accept the challenge and manifest them.

My heart was cracked open so completely that I could only sit in my meditation chair, weeping, allowing my soul to shift the furniture around in my psyche. I opened to the Sacred Mother, accepting my own calling to her path ever more completely.

Mark your calendars now for Oct. 9-12 and save up your frequent flier miles for the Emerging Women Conference, which will be held in New York City. I highly recommend this conference for any woman who wants to wake up to her purpose, accept her calling and bathe in the rich and powerful glow of the Divine Feminine.

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach, helping people manifest magic and attract miracles in business and life. Visit for details about “The Year of YES!” a year-long experiment in which you do everything your Soul tells you to do. Contact her at <>.