Reconnect with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

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by Sarina Baptista

The holidays are here again! No matter what you celebrate, escaping the blinking lights and the decorated streets is just about impossible. This time of year can be dark and gloomy if your loved ones aren’t here to celebrate with you. It is especially difficult when that loved one is not just a state or two away, but a world or two away. The darkness of winter and the emptiness of not being able to reach your loved ones who have passed make it hard to find the joy in the season.

There is hope, though, and there is joy in your future, even if you are missing that someone close to you. The following meditation can help you know your loved ones are closer than you ever imagined!

Begin by sitting in a straight back chair in a room where you will not be disturbed for about fifteen minutes. Turn off the phones, TVs and computers. You can put on some soft meditation music if you have some, but it is not necessary.

Take a deep breath. Imagine the breath going all the way into your abdomen. Exhale completely.

Take another deep breath. This time imagine it goes all the way into your toes. Exhale completely. Set your intention that each inhalation brings high vibration energy into your body, and each exhalation removes anything in your system that is not for your highest and purest good or is preventing you from receiving.

Continue breathing deeply, staying in a deep breathing pattern. State your intention in your head. For example, “My intention for this meditation is to connect with my loved ones.” I know I can have this connection and I know my loved ones (or person’s name) want this connection also. I can see it, hear it, feel it and know it, with truth and clarity. I know I am protected during this meditation and only high vibration can communicate with me. I am ready to receive.”

In your mind, ask your loved one to come very close to you. Be mindful of your breath and keep breathing into your abdomen.

Then imagine you are on a path. Consciously create the path in front of you, or just allowing it to appear. Keep walking on the path until you reach a bench beside the path. You may have to walk for a while until you find it, but it will be there. Sit down on the bench and again, invite your loved one to join you. You sense an energy approaching the bench and you recognize this as the loved one you asked to come.

He or she sits next to you and you begin your reunion! Take as long as you need to catch up with this person. Before leaving, your loved one hands you a gift. This is a special gift from Heaven, just for you. Open your gift!

When you are ready, say goodbye to your loved one, knowing you can return to this bench at any time. Return down the path and back to your room and into your chair. Slowly open your eyes, knowing you have just connected with your dear loved one. They are never far away and the love you share is forever.

Be sure to write down this experience in a journal. You will want to look back on this meditation sometime in the future.

It really is this simple. No matter what happened when your loved one passed, or when they were alive, they will come. Believe this.

May the joys and hopes of the season surround you and carry you into the New Year!

Sarina Baptista is a psychic medium mentor. She trains adults and children to connect to their Infinite Support System through one-on-one, group and online training. She holds live Connecting events and is the author of The Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story, released May 2012. For more information, please visit