On Tipping Sacred Cows and Spilt Milk: An Interview with Betsy Chasse

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by Linda M. Potter

Betsy Chasse opens her new book, Tipping Sacred Cows, with an in-your-face preface she calls, “How to Get Coldcocked by an Epiphany (or Waking Up Can Suck or Not Suck Depending on How you Handle your Shit).” It’s an appropriately loud introduction to a book (and an author) that’s anything but quiet. Chasse, the co-producer of the award-winning film, What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a formidable packet of energy with a passion for life that’s simultaneously exhausting and inspiring.

She’ll tell you herself, she’s probably the last person anyone would have expected to become a spiritual teacher and quantum physics guru. Her eclectic resume includes everything from child actress staring in 25 Barbie® Doll commercials, to producer for Playboy Enterprises. The craziness of it all isn’t lost on her. It’s all been part of her journey to who she is now: a successful mom, filmmaker, author and speaker… living a spiritual life.

She’s “one of those people who embodies spirituality without even trying,” writes colleague and friend, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

She in turn writes, “Life is spiritual and everything you do is spiritual. Period. The question isn’t what is spiritual, or how do I live a spiritual life. You’re living it. The question is, are you living the life you want, and if you’re not, then what are you going to do to achieve it?” With a new What the Bleep Do We Know?! follow-up film in production, Chasse is back at work bringing quantum physics and spirituality to an ever-expanding audience.

BellaSpark magazine recently had an opportunity to visit with this creative powerhouse for a high energy, candid conversation on life as she knows it.

Linda M. Potter: I have to begin by asking the obvious: how does one go from starring in Barbie commercials… to producing TV shows and videos for Playboy… to making a movie about quantum physics and consciousness?

Betsy Chasse (laughing): I’ve never done anything in a straight line. I did it one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I’m a very driven person.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. Essentially, I didn’t have any money left from my childhood work as an actress. I was also mostly schooled at home. When it came time for college, my dad said, “A) We probably can’t afford it and B) you’re probably not emotionally prepared for college.” I went to a junior college and he was right. I hated sitting in a classroom and listening to someone lecture for three hours. That was completely foreign to me. So I decided I was going to work. In the movie business, like in a lot of other businesses, you take one job and that leads to another. I worked on one job that led me to another job that led me over to Playboy.

LMP: You said something in the book about owning a business that sold gourmet dog treats. How did that fit into your career path?

BC: I clawed my way up from being at Playboy to working on movies and becoming a film producer. My dream was to run a studio. Even though I didn’t have a college degree, I was going to prove everybody wrong and run a studio.

When the opportunity was presented to me to begin my career in a studio, I walked away from it all and began a gourmet dog treats business. Yeah, that’s a non sequitur. M my life is filled with non sequiturs. How do you go from producing movies to making gourmet treats for dogs? I suppose you could say it was destiny, or I suppose you could say it was the Universe. I don’t know. It’s just where I went.

I’ve always had my eyes wide open to possibility, and I think because of that, possibilities show up that don’t always seem logical. I have a habit of making the most illogical choice, but I think that’s the most fun. I don’t know if I just thought it was the smart thing to do or I did it because I was rebellious and wanted to make the unobvious choice. I love to sit back and say, you could go right or you could go left. But wait, what’s this long and winding road over here? I’ll take that one.

LMP: We’re glad your winding path eventually took you to producing What the Bleep Do We Know!? There’s been talk of a sequel coming out soon. Can you tell us about that?

BC: Yes, we’re currently in production. I don’t like the word sequel. We’re working incredibly hard to make this totally different movie. It will be released in late 2014 or early 2015. Right now we’re calling it, What the Bleep!? Now What? It’s looking at what is going on in the world of science and spirituality now.

LMP: You say in your book that after the movie became so popular, it seemed to spawn an entire industry of quantum this and quantum that. And that was certainly not what you intended. What misunderstandings do you think people have about quantum?

BC: I think that people have taken quantum physics and turned it into a religion. Quantum physics is the study of the nature of reality. It is not a philosophy, it is not a religion and it is not a reason to stop taking your meds. There’s a poem in the book that essentially says people are unhappy because we create all these religions and all these rituals and then we become really dogmatic about them. [When we do that] we become locked into limitation. When we truly find happiness we don’t need to do that. You don’t need to say, I believe in the tenets of quantum physics; I believe in the law of attraction. You let all that stuff go.

LMP: My favorite chapter title is your book is, “Who is the Universe and Why Does it Have All My Stuff?” How do you answer that question?

BC: The Universe is just a cool name to replace the word “God.” It’s easy to say God will provide or the Universe will provide. It takes the responsibility off of you. I don’t look at myself as being separate from the Universe or God or Source, or whatever you want to call it. If you think the Universe is delivering things to you, then you are separate from the Universe. Then the Universe is a Divine vending machine giving you stuff.

I come back to a consciousness that says I create my own reality. If you create a reality in which you are the Divine vending machine, then the only reason that you are getting stuff is because you’re creating it in your life.

LMP: We hear a lot about “change your thinking; change your life.” How important are our thoughts in creating our reality?

BC: We live most of our lives in what I call “lazy brains.” You’re not really even consciously thinking. Things are just bopping around in your brain and you’re not even aware of what they are. When you can stop and have a thought that you’re consciously aware of, then you’re in control. We all want to be in control. Everyone is seeking enlightenment, but you can’t get to ascending or levitating until you really clean up your thoughts. I’ve decided I’m not seeking anything; I’m just going to try to manage this thing I’ve got going on in my head and start there. I don’t need to levitate; I just need to be able to not hate myself for five minutes.

LMP: You also talk about the importance of taking action if you want to realize your dreams. You write “…I hate to burst your particle, but it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to change anything in your reality with just a thought.” Can you explain?

BC: Yes. Take the person in the mailroom who says, my dream is to run this company. Then he meditates on it for seven years, but doesn’t do anything about it. You have to be realistic. You have to stop and ask, if I want to be the president of this company someday do I have to get a degree; do I have to get an internship? Do I need to do better in my job so I can get promoted? You have to be practical and take action.

LMP: How can we be both spiritual and practical?

BC: I live from my heart, but I’m also pragmatic. I’m about to talk to one of the top Hollywood agents — the guy’s a freakin’ shark. Yeah, he meditates and he does yoga, but I can tell you right now, he’s going to go for the throat — whatever he can get from us. If all we can think about is how wonderfully spiritual we are, he’s going to eat us for lunch and spit us out in his yoga class.

LMP: In both the movie and your new book, you focus a lot on creating our own reality. Why do you think it’s so difficult to create what we actually want?

BC: One of the mistakes we make is we create these incredible vision boards. We put cars and expensive houses and perfect bodies on them, but we have no idea why we want them, and we actually don’t truly believe we deserve them. But we still build these vision boards and we run around in circles trying to manifest them. I have realized that most of [the things] I thought I really wanted in this life I don’t really want. There’s a feeling that I want. There’s an emotional experience that I want. Like, I want to drive a Mercedes. But why do I need the Mercedes? What does it represent to me? Let’s say the Mercedes makes me feel better about myself, makes me feel classy, makes me feel cool. Or maybe I want the Mercedes because the Mercedes means I have created success in my life. Okay. Then, how can I create success in my life without having to need the Mercedes?

LMP: I love your “My Life Sucks Game.” Getting to the heart of what’s standing in our way is being really honest with ourselves. To summarize the Game for our readers, you suggest we follow five steps in processing our thoughts:

Step 1: My life sucks: Say it loud and say it proud!

Step 2: Why does it suck?

Step 3: Blame it on everyone and everything else.

Step 4: Acknowledge you’re a failure. Yep, you failed.

Step 5: The release: is anything I just said true?

BC: It’s a real thing for me. My life sucks because… I love to get into it. I’ll say [for example], “My life sucks because… my parents are both short; my mother should have married a tall guy and then I would be taller.” Then I just let myself go crazy and blame everybody [for my being short]. When I can be brutally honest, I can see what’s been floating around in my head. But when I’m afraid to tell myself the truth, then there’s no growth there. You can throw out positive affirmations; you can say I AM until you’re blue in the face, but until you really clean out your brain, your thoughts keep bouncing around and your brain throws them back at you. And… your life is always going to suck.

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