New Center Merges Art and Wellness

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by Maryjo Morgan

Thickly embroidered wall hangings depict the balance-seeking circular dance of phoenix and dragon. Tall potted plants and delicate silk cherry blossoms complement the surprising display of immense jade carvings and objects d’art. Inviting aromas of soothing massage oils and the soft trickle of water create a sensual welcome within the Summey Health Universal Wellness Center in Loveland.

Beyond the museum quality exhibit in the reception area lie the themed massage rooms, carbon wave saunas, vichy shower and steam room. In addition, licensed massage therapists offer a variety of healing techniques such as Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy, Essential Oils Therapy, Reflexology, Salt Rubs and Armotherapy.

Welcome to the brainchild of Loveland entrepreneur and Center president, Walter Huang, whose facility brings together board certified chiropractic care, non-invasive diagnostic technology and sumptuous relaxation in a uniquely collaborative environment. It is quickly apparent this is a place of healing, wholeness and well-being. The Center addresses wellness utilizing advanced technology, medically accredited processes and ancient modalities in a spa-like setting, resplendent with Chinese craftsmanship.

In his suite within the center, you will find Dr. Stephen R. Summey DC, FACO, CCSP and Executive Director of the Center. He has been in private chiropractic practice for over thirty years, treating patients and screening the public for various musculoskeletal and related conditions. Dr. Summey is also qualified in Sports Rehabilitation and Body Composition Testing (Futrex), and is a licensed HeartMath ® provider. He is dedicated to wellness, educating individuals and employers about the benefits of wellness programs.

Summey notes the need of our society as a whole to pay more attention to prevention and wellness. “This country is finding itself in a major dilemma between treating illness and being well. People are unaware of prevention because there is no money in prevention. Yet people here still cannot afford the best medical care available on the planet.”

As a founding board member of the Colorado Society for Wellness and Prevention, he believes the health of the workforce is tangled in politics and economics. However, with recent Colorado legislation, our bankrupt medical system is finally shifting towards prevention. With passage of House Bill 1160 in 2010, employers can now give workers up to 30 percent discount on insurance premiums if employees participate in a certified wellness program. Summey points out, “One dollar spent on wellness in an employee/employer situation saves three dollars on the sickness side of things.”

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Walter Huang has been collecting Chinese art for decades. Recently he realized he could share its soul-soothing beauty with others through the Center. “It feels good to give back to the community, and I hope I am giving back, helping people feel more alive and that life is good.” This is the first time he has exhibited his collection to the public. As an immigrant, Huang's perspective is full of gratitude. “I feel rich in my American dream. I am living it!”

Two intricately carved jade boats from Hong Kong give magnificent testimony to Chinese carving skill. One is fashioned from yellow jade; the other is luminescent pale green jade. They are over one hundred years old each — and heavy! The green jade ship alone weighs 400 pounds. The exhibit even includes almost two dozen pieces from the Song, Ming and Qin Dynasties. There are several four-foot porcelain vases known as immortal jars. Noble families buried these jars, filled with money and rice, with their dead so they would have wealth after death.

Rice paintings - incredibly detailed compositions – have been painted on a single grain of rice. One set of four grains of rice depicts the seasons; another set portrays six miniature portraits. Ivory carvings so fine they could be filigree, range in size from mere inches to a gigantic whole tusk. Intricate figures and images so life-like they seem able to breathe emerge in variegated hues from carved longevity stones.

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