If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! The Making of a Miracle

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by Linda M. Potter

Okay, I admit, “The Making of a Miracle” sounds a little like the title for an hour-long TV documentary – the kind that features a compelling healing story narrated by an empathetic network reporter with a soothing voice, the kind that ends on an inspiring note that reminds us that good things can and do happen to good people.

We love hearing about “miracles.” They give us hope that maybe, someday, we will manifest one in our own lives. There are all kinds of miracles; everything from finding the relationship of our dreams to spontaneous physical healings, to financial windfalls, to overnight career success.

But, what exactly qualifies as a miracle? The standard definitions of “miracle” reference some kind of divine intervention in our human experience that results in an uncommon manifestation of something considered impossible (or at the very least, improbable).

I’ve had the honor of witnessing dozens of miracles. Probably the most memorable have been spontaneous healings from what appeared to be catastrophic medical conditions. My top three healing stories are not only incredible, they’re extremely personal: 1) my now robustly healthy thirty-something son was given less than 48 hours to live when he was first born, 2) my daughter experienced what was essentially a spontaneous remission of Stage IV breast cancer, 3) my seven-year old grandson, overnight, cast off six years of autism diagnoses.

I absolutely know from first-hand experience that, in truth, miracles are remarkably common, absolutely possible and decidedly probable events… co-created with Spirit. They are natural occurrences that we experience on the human level as the fulfillment of spiritual law… and they can be replicated again and again through a centuries-old formula of focus, feeling and faith.

Although it’s hardly a new concept, over the last couple of decades interest in the mind-body connection and its role in healing has risen exponentially. It seems like everywhere we turn, we’re hearing about the quantum physics/spirituality connection and our innate power to create our own reality. And that includes, of course, creating our own “miracles.”

The idea of a do-it-yourself life may be a little overwhelming at first, but basically it all boils down to one simple “secret” that has been known to humankind for millennia: consciousness creates. The sum total of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and emotions, consciousness translates as our human experience. When it comes to miracles of healing, for example, it means that an elevated consciousness that celebrates vibrant good health as our natural state of being can nullify dis-ease and clear the path to perfect physical wellness.

Is this some sort of metaphysical “magic?” Not at all; it’s just a basic understanding of how the Universe works. Through a painful process of trial and error, I came to know many years ago that there’s a simple formula for creating miracles that is essentially fool-proof. (Yes, even me-proof.) Here’s the real magic:

Focused Intention + Escalating Emotion + Unyielding Faith = Miracles.

Miracles happen through us rather than to us. We’ve all heard the phrase: “Change your thinking; change your life!” And it’s absolutely true, but it’s also only the first step in the miracle-making process. We also have to change the way we feel and react to the world around us. The process works like this:

Step 1: Change begins with focused intention. This is about more than just a passing wish reinforced with a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. It’s about condensing what we want down to its very essence. It’s about being both committed to becoming clear about what we desire and being clearly committed to the process of bringing into manifestation.

Step 2: Ramp up the power of your intention by escalating your emotional involvement in the process. Ask yourself, “How will it feel once the healing has taken place?” Vision for it, LIVE it. If you’ll feel joy once your miracle happens, take that joy and multiply it by 10, then 100, then 1000. Live that joy in hyperbole.

Step 3: Expect the miracle! Know with absolutely unyielding faith that your miracle can and will happen. There’s a spiritual component here, of course, but it’s not just faith that a higher power is facilitating your miracle; it’s faith that what you’re asking for is possible – that you deserve it, that’s it’s your divine birthright and that you can manifest it.

Implementing this miracle-making formula can and will change your life. Healings, whether they be in the area of health, finances, relationships or career, will take place. They may happen spontaneously or they may happen through a process of unfoldment.

Sometimes, patience is part of the equation. But don’t let that discourage you. Time is relative and the end result is where you want to place your focus. Remember, it can take time for even the hardiest seeds planted with the best of intentions, in the most nutrient-rich soil to grow to maturity. Keep nurturing that plant with prayer – it’s the best fertilizer possible. Tempting as it may be, don’t keep poking the plant to make sure something is really taking place. Let it be. Delay is not denial; it simply means deeper miracles are taking place. Have faith.

Once your miracle manifests, share it! I’d love to hear about just how well the Miracle equation is working for you. Let me know at <linda@lindampotter.com>.

Linda M. Potter is a writer, speaker, the editor of BellaSpark Magazine, and the author of If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! She also teaches, “Shortcut to a Miracle and Quantum Prayer.” Classes begin again in August. To register, call Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living at 224-1206 or contact Linda at <linda@lindampotter.com>. www.lindampotter.com.