If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!  MIRABELLA’S MAZE

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by Linda M. Potter

This past November I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month, an annual internet-based creative writing marathon, fondly referred to as NaNoWriMo (na-noh-ry-moh). It sounded like fun. No, I’d never written a novel, but why let logic interfere with enthusiasm. How hard could it be anyway? After all, there are over 1,000,000 novels for sale on Amazon alone – if all those writers could do it, why couldn’t I!

I decided to call my book Mirabella’s Maze. It was going to be a humorous novel about a spiritual seeker who constantly encounters road blocks along her path, most of which she’s unwittingly placed there herself. Sounded like a bestseller/made-for-TV movie idea if I’d ever heard one, and I was excited. November 1st arrived and I was set up and ready to go – keyboard on lap, cellphone turned off, snacks in the fridge, husband sent on errands for the day. Ready to roll!

By the end of that first day, I had written an anemic 385-word half page of a first chapter. The goal was to get 50,000 words (a complete novel) written in one month — 1,667 words per day. One day gone and already I was 1,283 words short of my daily goal. By the end of day two, I had written 829 words and was now 2,505 words behind. By the end of week one I had fallen behind by well over 10,000 words, and I was beginning to panic.

In a moment of desperation – failure was not an option I told myself — I scheduled a 2-day writing vacation to Colorado Springs where I planned to hide away in a darkened hotel room with only my computer, a pot of coffee and a couple boxes of rice crackers to keep me company, all in hopes of catching up.
The writing trip to the Springs actually worked. Although I came home with heartburn and a loathing for rice, I cranked out four chapters during my 48-hour marathon and was now up to 12, 652 words. I was still behind, but making progress. It was all about momentum, I told myself. I can do this.

“Life happens,” as it turns out, is a real momentum killer and Mirabella’s Maze got delegated to the “to-do-tomorrow” pile once life returned to my version of “normal.” Within hours of re-entering my home office, work on my novel came to a screeching halt. By November 30 my word count was up to 12,754, about 100 words farther into the story than when I left the Springs, and over 37,000 words short of the month-end goal. Apparently, I couldn’t do this.

And then I had a déjà vu moment. My novel-in-a-month failure felt eerily similar to my yearly struggle with New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of how excited I was about my newly-penned goals each January, my best intentions would go awry in less than 30 days, and life-as-usual derailed my hopes for a happier-ever-after. I felt like I was trapped in a remake of that Broadway Musical comedy of errors: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, but in this case it was more like A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to… writing a novel… exercising regularly… eating better… de-cluttering my house… organizing my office… losing weight… and so on. Always with the same “funny” results, only I wasn’t laughing.

And then, instead of another chorus of “Comedy Tonight,” I began singing another tune. It came after an “ah-ha” moment that took place, interestingly during an interview with Wayne Dyer about his newest book, I Can See Clearly Now. My own moment of clarity was in complete alignment with one of the major themes in Dr. Dyer’s book: placing our focus on who we are here to BE, rather than what we are here to DO brings us in alignment with our Good. Although we all know this at some level, it’s easy to be distracted from the Truth by the busy-ness of daily life.

In my case, for example, writing my novel had become more about what I needed to DO to meet certain tangible, physical goals than who I needed to BE to perfectly convey the story’s message. As a result, my writing went nowhere. This same focus on DO-ing was showing up in my annual New Year’s resolutions, with equally frustrating results.

But what if, rather than making a To-Do list everytime we had something we wanted to accomplish, we chose, instead, to create a To-Be list.

In order to manifest our Good, we need to BE the best expressions of Spirit we can. We need to BE in Conscious, intentional co-creation with God every moment of every day. We need to BE in alignment with the Universe.

Here are a few suggested “resolutions” to get back on track:

• BE a Co-Creator with Spirit. We don’t have to do it all ourselves.

• BE a Lover! Love everyone, including yourself, unconditionally.

• BE a Conscious Giver. Find a way to BE in service to everyone you encounter.

• BE a Conscious Receiver. Receive everything that life gives you with love and gratitude.

• BE a Conscious Listener. Pay attention to the God Whispers! Whether you call it Divine guidance or intuition, Spirit is speaking to you every moment of every day.

• BE a Channel for Joy. Express life’s magnificence in all its fullness on a daily basis.

Focusing on BE-ing rather than DO-ing works. I can attest to that! I’m well past the halfway point in my novel… and still excited. Oh, and Spoiler Alert — in the end Mirabella trades her maze in for a labyrinth. Her life is still a long and winding path, but there are no dead ends, and God is waiting for her in the center.

Linda M. Potter is a writer, popular speaker, the editor of BellaSpark Magazine, and the author of If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! For more information, or to book Linda to speak at your next event, contact her at <linda@lindampotter.com>. {www.lindampotter.com}(http://www.lindampotter.com).