How Do the Layers of Your Aura Stack Up?

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by Isabelle Morton

So, how do the layers of your aura stack up? A healthy aura protects your physical body and provides a resource of information, energetic nourishment and experiences.

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It extends from every cell outward and is organized into layers.

Energy work such as gemstone therapy loosens the blockages in your aura that can prevent or limit your ability to see life as Soul. Although energy work doesn’t necessarily rearrange the layers of your aura, it can expand the way you perceive and serve you on your journey to greater health and wellbeing.

Various schools of thought name these layers differently, and some put them in an exact opposite order. Gemstone therapy recognizes these as the body-centered model and the Soul-centered model.

The body-centered model places the body in the center with the aura extending outward: The layer closest to your body is called the supraphysical aura. It’s a cushion of energy that is easily palpable and extends to about six inches away from your skin. Beyond this layer the emotional aura reaches out about eighteen inches or so. This is followed by the causal aura, which is about two feet wide. The mental aura comes next. It can span three feet or more. The outermost layer is the subconscious or intuitive layer. Some consider the intuitive layer to be a narrow band. However, the application of gemstones in the aura has demonstrated that this layer can extend to a considerable distance, possibly to infinity.

The Soul-centered perspective considers your energetic anatomy. This model places the mental aura closest to you and the emotions farther away. Your highest self, or Soul, lies in the middle. This is your innermost self and the source of your highest intelligence. Emanating from the center core, that star that you are, is a field of energy identified as your intuitive aura. This layer of the aura protects your highest self and communicates your highest spiritual knowing to your mind, so it is the source of your intuition. It can be mistaken for being relatively narrow in width when a well-developed mind presses closely against Soul.

The mind surrounds the intuitive layer and provides another layer of protection for your core spiritual Self. Surrounding the mind is the causal or memory layer that keeps track of all your experiences. Cocooning this layer is your emotional aura. All these layers work together so that you can live and move within a physical experience.

The body-centered model envisions the layers of the aura as natural protection for the physical body that allow your conscious mind to access emotions, memories, and thoughts. Gemstone therapy and other forms of energy-work take place within this framework, as do other healing modalities.

However, it is possible to switch center your attention to in your highest Self. and center yourself there. When you then enter the Soul--centered viewpoint and you have the greatest awareness of all the layers of your aura. From the Soul perspective, the mind, memory, emotions, and physical existence surround you. It is easier to see these aspects of yourself more objectively. You have them at your command, and therefore you can better manifest new physical and emotional circumstances. If you don't like the experiences you are creating, you can dream them differently.

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