Hollow Yourself to Become Whole

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by Tuula Fai

Are you familiar with the concept of the “hollow bone”? In shamanism, being a hollow bone means serving as a conduit between spirit and earth. The term refers to birds’ hollow bones, which enable them to soar through the sky. Native traditions believe that birds carry our wishes to the divine and then return with the answers we seek. To be like birds, we must be present, clear ourselves, and surrender to what is. When we do, we move closer to becoming a hollow bone through which divine inspiration flows. This flow enables us to create works of great beauty, love, and wonder.

Award-winning authors Melanie Mulhall and Melisa Pearce teamed up to create the “Writer as Hollow Bone” workshop. Mulhall, a shaman and editor, and Pearce, a horsewoman and therapist, combined their skills to teach writers how to deepen self-awareness, access inner guidance, and develop their authentic voice. They do so by interweaving shamanic practices and healing interactions with the horses of the Lil Bit North Ranch. As a part of the program, Mulhall teaches an Incan shamanic practice called hucha clearing. Hucha is heavy, dark energy that accumulates in our energy bodies and is incompatible with optimal health. We can clear it by doing a simple exercise (see sidebar) that gives the hucha to Mother Earth, who recycles it into sami, light energy that fosters wellbeing. This practice teaches us not only how to clear hucha but also how to actively cultivate sami. To do so, we continually surrender, clear, listen, and then act from inspiration. In this way, we create lives of love, service and wisdom.

SIDEBAR: Hucha Clearing 1. Get centered and grounded. 2. Turn your attention to your energy body, the bubble of energy that both surrounds and is part of your physical body. Notice any areas of heavy energy (hucha). 3. Send the heavy energy to the area of your energy body that is roughly two inches below your navel, referred to as the dan tien in the East or qosqo (KOS-ko) in Quechua (native Peruvian language). 4. Ask your qosqo to digest the heavy energy and extract light energy (sami) from it. Your qosqo will simultaneously send the hucha down into Mother Earth while bringing sami up through your energy body to your crown chakra. 5. Notice the dual energy flow — hucha traveling down and out, sami traveling up and in. 6. Thank Mother Earth and Spirit for their assistance and return to centering/grounding when you are ready to complete the experience. Then gently bring your awareness back to everyday life.

Tuula Fai, MBA, CST, NCTMB is the author of My Enemy is My Lover: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders. For fifteen years, Tuula has worked as a Marketing Director and CranioSacral Therapist. www.tuulafai.com or email her at <tuula@tuulafai.com>.