Heeding Our Wakeup Call: An Interview with Michael Mirdad

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by Tuula Fai

Want to enhance your intimate relationships and move through life transitions with greater ease and grace? Then let Dr. Michael Mirdad help you. A spiritual healer and counselor for over thirty years, Mirdad is the author of the best-selling books You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!, An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path, and Healing the Heart & Soul. His work with sacred sexuality, what he calls Middle Path Tantra, has made him a sought-after speaker and interviewee. Read what this spiritual master has to say about embodying God’s love in your life in a practical way.

What is your book You’re Not Going Crazy… You’re Just Waking Up! about?

It’s about how to rebuild your life after it has fallen apart. I’m referring to anything that has changed in your life, ranging from something minor like losing a personal possession to something major like losing your intimate partner or job. We need to uncover why these things are happening to us. There may be some form of personal healing we need to complete or lessons we need to learn. Besides looking at the inner causes, we also need to understand how to go through these changes with the highest consciousness possible. When we begin to understand the deeper significance of life’s events, we can decide what direction we want to go. When we go right back to the same old thing that got us into trouble in the first place, our lives tend to fall apart once again. Instead, we can learn to connect to Spirit in a new way, allowing higher guidance to direct us toward a better life. In the end, it’s all about dismantling the past in order to rebuild a new life so we no longer stay stuck in the same old patterns.

Can you elaborate on the Soul Transformation Process that results in our ‘Waking Up!’?

Whether we like it or not, changes in our life force us to go through the five stages of the Soul-Transformation Process. Dismantling happens when something changes in your life. It could be a loss or betrayal or any change in your life circumstances. The second stage is Emptiness, the natural effect of having experienced loss or change. In the aftermath of loss you feel empty, sad and depressed — all of which feel like they’ll last forever. Eventually the sadness dissipates and leads you to the third stage, Disorientation. This is where you say, “Oh my God, where do I go from here?”

Disorientation is the most crucial stage because it is when you choose to step over the bridge into stages four and five, rather than try to figure it out yourself. What moves you forward is surrendering your life, your crisis and your soul to Spirit. You must learn to remain still and practice trusting and praying for Divine guidance. Then wait patiently for the doors to open.

The fourth stage of the Soul Transformation Process is Rebuilding, which naturally leads to the fifth and final stage: A New Life. Again, these last two stages cannot be done on your own, but only by surrendering to, and working with, Spirit.

Another topic you are known for is teaching people how to enhance their intimate relationships. How do you do this?

Enhancing intimacy is about learning how to be present with ourselves and others. As a teacher of relationships and Tantra, I’m not talking about the extremes of religious Tantra on the one hand and hyper-sexuality on the other. I teach Middle Path or Spiritual Tantra. That means we practice integrity, love and respect as we learn how to be more in touch with our own bodies and the needs of our intimate partners.

What do you see missing in people’s intimate relationships?

Internally speaking, when people are not in touch with who they are, they cannot be in healthy relationships. So our first responsibility is to create a healthy internal life, which means having an intimate relationship with God and ourselves. If that is not intact, how can we possibly give true healthiness or love to others?

Externally speaking, inner spiritual health will naturally flow over into our relationships in the form of honest, loving communication and physically intimate touch. We would all benefit from slowing down and being in the space of love. Everyone has seen movies with hyper sex, the man ripping the woman’s clothes off and so on. But those scenes never end with the man dressing her afterwards. That’s because the hot sex the world tries to sell you is merely shallow infatuation, which usually does not include love and respect. It may be entertaining but it is not Tantric. It is not deeply spiritual, psychological or emotional; it is nothing but an addictive behavior called stimulation.

Slowing down may seem boring to an addict of stimulation. But when you try it, you will feel things you never could have imagined. So the next time you make love with your partner, slow down and concentrate on every sensation — from the subtlest kiss to the motions of love-making. Some couples who have tried it say, “We are exploding with love and passion for each other again.”

When talking about relationships you’ve asked people, “Do you really want to be special?” What do you mean by this?

Everything in the universe is based on your relationship with God, yourself, and others. If you feel separate from God, [which is] your first relationship, you’re going to have difficulties with your second relationship, which is your own sense of self-love and self-worth. So your third relationship (with others) is going to suffer and be more co-dependent or addictive, simply because you aren’t honoring yourself. It goes like this. If I feel separate from God, then I start to feel empty inside. I try to fill that emptiness with food, alcohol or co-dependent relationships — hoping that I will feel better.

But that person or thing doesn’t have the power to make me feel better; it’s just a distraction. The question “Do you really want to be special?” asks if you really want to be someone’s distraction. Because that’s where most relationships are — people using each other (knowingly or unknowingly) as distractions so they don’t have to deal with their sense of emptiness.

In your article Greed in Spiritual Teachers, you take issue with those who teach “how to get more of what you want.” Please elaborate. Most of the books and movies on manifestation tell you that “you are God,” and you should get whatever you want from life. Some people try this and say, “It worked. I have mastered the laws of the universe.” But getting what you want doesn’t mean that it came from a Divinely-inspired place. Adolf Hitler did this but what he created was not divine.

So I’m appealing to the human race to center in God first; ‘seek first the kingdom.’ Call in God-consciousness and fill up with that. If your mantra is love and self-worth, call in the love and feel it. Know it’s there and be grateful. Sit in Divine presence and ask, “What kind of relationship do I want to experience?” or “What would I like to create in my life at this time?” Ideas will come that are natural to that higher level of consciousness. Because if you’re filled with love and self-worth, how could you not have a fulfilling relationship? The whole process becomes very relaxed and organic. And you’ll get whatever you want because you’ll know it’s not about that. It’s about praying for divinity in your being and feeling love, peace, joy and abundance. Everything else will follow.

Visualizing what you want — a new car, boat or house — is the kind of thinking that got us into the economic and spiritual crisis we’re in now. Instead, visualize being a better person. If you are down to the last minutes of your life, what do you think will matter most — more stuff or feeling the presence of God?

How do we know if something is coming from Divine guidance or our ego?

If the answers come from Divine guidance, they will always be congruent with your spiritual code — the mantra or words you use to center in God. So if your mantra is love and self-worth, then anything you receive that is congruent with this is from Spirit. This would be true whatever your mantra is — peace and freedom, love and abundance, joy and health.

What do you most recommend for people to create a healthy relationship with Spirit?

It starts with setting aside some time for your relationship with Spirit. Take five minutes in the morning and night to pray and meditate. Surrender yourself to Spirit by saying, “Here I am…use me as you will.” Don’t listen to any teacher who tells you that it has to be complicated or take hours. Having a humble moment each morning and night is enough to enlighten you. Let’s get back to simplicity and beauty, right here, right now.

How can we make the most of the extraordinary times we are living in?

The world is a three-dimensional hologram of our internal experience. And we aren’t doing very well internally. People feel separate from God, from themselves, and from each other, so the outer world reflects this with tragedies and catastrophes. Everyone from the Aztecs to Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce predicted something would happen at this time, 2012. Even people not into spirituality could see something is happening, because the world cannot continue as it is. We’ve been living in a trance believing we are separate from divinity, which is a false perception. How can we function well if we live from the consciousness of a false perception? We would only perceive illusions. So the world we have manufactured is an illusion and all illusions must come to an end.

Buddha said, “I’ve got it…I am awake and I can show you how to feel the same.” The crucifixion of Jesus, demonstrated that even death is an illusion and has no power over us. What’s it going to take? Many years ago, The Beatles did the first worldwide televised event and sang, “All you need is love.” How could that not be earth-shattering? These events offered hints to remind us, “Please wake up to who you really are.” But all the amazing teachers and events are only capable of acting like alarm clocks. We still have to be the ones to choose our awakening and stop hitting the snooze button. 2012 is going to awaken people out of their sleep and snap them out of their trances. And this can be done the easy way or the hard way.

Humanity has had many opportunities to awaken the easy way. Now the world is going through a “Soul-Transformation Process” where everyone is being dismantled and experiencing emptiness and disorientation. To get over the bridge and start rebuilding a new life, we need to surrender our lives to Spirit and start living as though we are the Presence of love (or God). If we do, we can have a mass awakening in a good way. But if we continue to resist surrender, we will keep dismantling until we learn to surrender and step over the bridge into A New Life.

What can each of us do right now to make the greatest difference?

Whether it’s about waking up in 2012, creating more intimacy, or improving your finances… the answer is the same. First and foremost, connect with God. Second, make that connection a tangible part of your being. And third, live it in every way — the way you parent, partner and work. If your spiritual walk doesn’t change who you are, then you’ve got the wrong God, the wrong thought system, the wrong practice. Your spiritual path will have a positive effect on your life. You will feel God’s presence as love, self-worth, joy, abundance. Bringing these things into our lives on a practical level is what Living Mastery is really all about.

_ Tuula Fai, MBA, CST, NCTMB is the author of Seek the Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders, Vol 1 & 2. For sixteen years, Tuula has worked as a Marketing Director and CranioSacral Therapist. <tuula@ascendancehealing.com>; [www.spiritual.50interviews.com](http://spiritual.50interviews.com._

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