Emerging Science leads to “New Fire” Energy for All

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by Jeane Manning

In October, I attended the 2013 Global B.E.M. Conference in October in Boulder, Colorado.

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (Global B.E.M.) is a non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to educating the public about non-polluting breakthrough energy technologies. Its predominant voices are optimistic, with visions of a world in which everyone's basic human needs can be served.

Beginning as a core team from the Netherlands, the organization evolved in two years into a diverse international network including scientists, researchers, academics, artists, business people, alternative-media personalities and philosophers.

Although the importance of conventional renewables such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy is recognized, the focus is on breakthroughs which could produce quantum-leap advances in bringing clean energy to the world.

“Many of these technologies are based on principles of advanced physics and include — but are not limited to — over-unity devices, magnet motors, cold fusion, vortex, zero-point and advanced hydrogen,” according to www.globalbem.com.

Conference speakers spoke about emerging inventions, as well as big-picture topics such as the consciousness shift, economics of crowd-funding and strategies for creating a society that works for everyone.

Cold Fusion

In this brief article I’ll discuss only one energy option: “cold fusion” (an unfortunate phrase used to describe an excess-heat effect discovered in 1989). Two electrochemists, the late Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, made the experiment at room temperature, in contrast with hot fusion which needs intense heat and pressures. As it turns out, what was called cold fusion seems to be some other, safer reaction. Fusion is the joining of the nucleus of one atom with the nucleus of another atom. It’s the opposite of fission — the exploding of atomic nuclei which creates a radioactive mess. Hot fusion would be an improvement but would not be a clean energy path either.

Hot fusion scientists loudly debunked “cold fusion.” For one thing Fleischmann and Pons were not harmed by neutrons, so they couldn’t have been creating fusion as known by nuclear experts.

One conference speaker, attorney David Niebauer, recalled the disappointment of that time. He had been a young lawyer when hope had arisen for abundant clean energy from the hydrogen in water. Over the years he realized that conventional alternate energy is not going to replace polluting power plants in time to solve the world’s major problems.

More recently Niebauer heard a podcast interview with Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA Langley Research Center.

Bushnell reported that Italian scientists were into cold fusion in a big way! And although cold fusion had been debunked earlier and was difficult to replicate, hundreds of experienced scientists around the world were getting anomalous heat out of similar experiments. Something was happening.

Suddenly awakened to new possibilities, Niebauer went home, Googled so-called cold fusion, and learned that the process may access energy levels that are in between nuclear and fuel-burning.

The New Fire

In this emerging science, hydrogen interacts with certain metals. Hydrogen is the main element of water. When hydrogen is introduced to a small piece of nickel or palladium, a reaction can create excess heat, and in some cases it transmutes elements! It only needs a small amount of hydrogen, produces no greenhouse gas, and the metal can be recycled.

Instead of the unfortunate “cold fusion” label, Niebauer prefers the term “New Fire” as a name for “the most exciting technology I’ve seen in my career.” He says a New Fire type of invention, when perfected, can give us true distributed power generation.

With a passion for that vision, he has worked with a leading company in the field, Brillouin Energy Corporation. Brillouin’s plan is to replace coal-burning boilers in power plants, and retrofit the plants with Brillouin’s clean heat-producing devices.

Who is Involved?

Ruby Carat, filmmaker and founder of Cold Fusion Now, was the first speaker in the impressive line-up of 30. She highlighted young researchers from around the world who are jumping in to advance the science surrounding that excess-heat effect. A Kickstarter campaign to support research began and entrepreneurs and scientists joined the “Live Open Science” venture.

Aiming for transparency instead of secrecy, this younger generation has attracted specialists from science, manufacturing, technology and communications. Scientists from Japan and Italy helped to build demonstration devices. The coalition now has another avenue for promoting the open science — a charity named The New Fire Generation.

Open-sourcing of inventions was a main theme at the conference. One attendee, Alexander Senchenko of Geneva, later wrote on his Facebook page. “...the main feature of the New Paradigm is called ‘Open Source everything.’ The key word is SOURCE.” I felt that one remarkable aspect of Global B.E.M. is the level of spiritual awareness among the organizers, speakers and several hundred attendees. You can hear the other world-class speakers at www.globalbem.com.

Global B.E.M. appreciates your involvement and donations so it can continue to provide free information and also to pay for the costs of the 2013 conference. To learn how you can help, please go to globalbem.com and select “contribute to this project.” Original plans for the conference to be held at the University of Colorado fell through, so it was held in large tents in the parking lot of the Days Hotel in Boulder, thanks to owner Darek Zurek. Attendees just put on warm clothing and made the best of the setting, festive with art and science displays and healers.

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement has heart — exactly what it will take to change the world.

Jeane Manning is co-author of Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Inventions Can Transform Our World, sold through Amazon and as an e-book at www.BreakthroughPower.net. Her blog is ChangingPower.net.