Dethroning the Brain Excerpted from So, We’re Still Here. Now What?

Image for Dethroning the Brain Excerpted from So, We’re Still Here. Now What?

by Gwilda Wiyaka

During the transition from being predominantly mental to becoming balanced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings, we may experience depression; we may feel as if nothing we have accomplished is worthwhile. Often there is a feeling of a total loss of direction and purpose. Nothing is looking like we expected, and none of the old rules seem to apply. Vision for the future may have disappeared, along with our passion.

Take heart; things are not as they seem. This is not a time of death and loss so much as an unprecedented opportunity for rebirth. While being directed by the mind alone we have not had access to two-thirds of our personal power and potential. On the other side of letting go of our mind-centered approach, we can step into our birthright as conscious powerful co-creators of our experience. Before we can truly let go, however, it is helpful to understand and be grateful for what has been.

Throughout the long dark era surrounding the age of Taurus, when we were operating at a much lower or less expansive frequency, our minds had to take over the job of guiding us. At that time, things were moving and changing very slowly. We could use our linear mind to evaluate events of the past and superimpose them onto the present or future and come up with a pretty good idea of what to expect. This was very useful during the denser times when we had no direct access to intuition or spiritual information. Our entire educational system was built upon this premise. We stored information in the mind to draw upon when it was needed to guide us through life. Our minds became so important to survival that we put everything else on the back burner. Emotions were judged against as interfering with our ability to reason. The body was thought of as a house for the mind, and spirit was not really considered, except in abstract or dogmatic religious terms, because we could not connect with it.

While necessary and useful, the mind-centered way of operating has several disadvantages. Without the checks and balances of the other three aspects of our beings — physical, emotional, and spiritual, the mind is subject to illusion, which makes it subject to programming and control. We have seen that we are now controlled by society’s imposed concepts and realities that actually dictate our addictions by programming our wants and needs. The mind is totally identified with its place in this false reality, and we are identified with our minds.

Another disadvantage of the mind-centered approach to life is that logic, by its very nature, is somewhat linear, polarized and mono-dimensional. Life is not polarized, but cyclical, which puts our linear minds out of touch with nature, and as we have seen, the only law that holds true over time is the law of nature. While the mind rules all, the rest of us languish. We equate this languishing as longing for love, for something to complete us. Because we are trapped in a linear, polarized reality, we have lost touch with All That Is. We are compartmentalized and unable to complete ourselves in order to connect with spirit. Self-longing for self is not understood, so it is translated as self-longing for other. We find ourselves looking for love in all the wrong places.

Anyone wanting something badly enough becomes easily controlled and manipulated. We may think that money or sex drives our culture, but if we look deeply enough, the real reason we want money is to buy love. We think we need sex to connect and find fulfillment. Yet, it is wholeness we truly seek, and wholeness is something we cannot get from others.

Now, as we enter the new era, this old format no longer serves. As we find ourselves subject to the increasingly expansive frequencies, everything is moving at much greater speeds, and the old “knowledge” that we so pride ourselves in collecting no longer applies. Furthermore, by the time the mind has figured out what is going on and is getting ready to project it onto the future, the present changes and, seemingly, so do all the rules. The entire system we have identified with is rapidly failing us, leaving us with a deep sense of personal failure. The mind-centered way of being is dying, and, because we are so identified with the mind, we feel as if we also are dying. The mind has ruled for so long that it has become an entity unto itself, and it is going down kicking and screaming, which results in much suffering among us.

Now is the time to dust off our long-dormant instincts that are present within our bodies, listen to the natural direction provided by our emotions and reconnect our spirits to All That Is. The almighty mind needs to get over itself and take up its rightful job of receiving and translating information from the body, heart, and spirit.

Trust, faith, spontaneity, and living in the moment are paramount in order to navigate through these changing times.

One of the challenges is that, much like an unoccupied room in a home, anything left dormant becomes a storage place for unprocessed stuff. In order to access and use our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings, we need to dig in and deal with our unprocessed garbage.

We need to unclutter the mind from past information that no longer serves us, release it from past duties it can no longer perform, and make it live in the present. As long as the mind is projecting old information and dictating our actions accordingly, we have no hope of being spontaneous or taking action appropriate to the present moment.

We are all burdened by unprocessed, denied emotions that cloud present issues. It is very difficult to discern feelings generated by our present circumstances from those that are triggers into past, unprocessed feelings still harbored in our emotional realm. When we cannot trust our feelings, we simply cannot trust.

The mental concept of faith is the assumption that things will turn out according to our visions. Yet we now find that our vision is based in illusion, which we experience as a loss of faith. Faith at the more expansive frequencies is faith in our rightful and natural place in the circle of life.

If we can find wholeness and completeness in ourselves, we can find contentment in all circumstances, which is ours for the taking, once we process out our old limiting beliefs and identifications. Only then can we truly embrace all that we truly are.

At present, while we are still trying to clear our old baggage from all four levels and become flight-worthy, it is still difficult to tell triggers from perceptions. The clearer and more processed we become, the easier it is to tell insight from judgment. While evolving, it is important to be gentle with ourselves, and with each other. We are all works in process and doing the best we can with what we carry. Nature is our model for healing; natural law is our map home.

Gwilda Wiyaka is the founder and director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado state-certified occupational school that trains and certifies shamanic practitioners and instructors. As a preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine.