Create Sacred Space with Your Child at Bedtime

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by Barry Goldstein

Pajamies are on, yawns are in abundance, teeth are brushed and your child is finally ready for bed. Every evening you take your child through this ritual, but are you ready to truly create sacred space with your children at bedtime? Do you follow a ritual so that you don’t bring in your daily stresses while you tuck them in or read that beautiful bedtime story? Children are very sensitive to energy — let them know this time is sacred!

Here are some tools for using sacred sound and visualization that you can do in a few minutes.

1) Use sound to release your daily stresses. Breathe in deeply from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. As you release your breath through your mouth, let out a big aaaaaaaaah! Do this a few more times, letting this sigh release the stresses of your day from your body. On each breath tighten a group of muscles (for example, in your arms or legs) and then relax the muscles as you exhale.

2) Take the pressure off. Nothing else is more important than being present for your child at this moment. We often put an intense amount of pressure on ourselves. Are your shoulders tense or tight at this moment? We hold our “shoulds” in our should-ers. Breathe in again and as you exhale release any should have’s, could have’s, and would have’s from your shoulder area with another big aaaaaah or any sound you feel you are holding there. Move your shoulders around and stretch them. Our words carry vibrations just as music does. Repeat these words: Today I did the best I can… Shoulders are for patting… I applaud myself for the amazing job I did today.

3) Connect to your heart. Breathe in and put your hands on your heart. This creates awareness and an intention to connect with your heart: the center of who you are! As you release your breath, visualize your heart gently opening like a beautiful flower. Visualize yourself doing something that you love to do — walking on the beach, connecting with nature, drawing,-- whatever it is that brings you into the essence of who you truly are. As you connect with these visualizations you allow yourself to receive joy .You visualize the flower of your heart in full bloom. As you create the space to receive for yourself, your heart opens for a magnificent exchange of love between you and your child.

4) Connect to your child’s heart. ,It is important to connect to the essence of your child’s heart even before you are in the room with your child. Place your hands on your heart and breathe in. As you release your breath let out another aaaaah. Allow yourself to hear a beautiful sound that your child creates. It may be words or a laugh or maybe even singing. As you imagine your child’s sound, allow your heart to open to receive her beautiful spirit. Visualize your child placing her hand on your heart and sending you love.

5) Share. What do you choose to share with your child this evening? A bedtime story, a song, a poem, or a big hug and kiss? Making what you do special makes your child feel special and this in return makes you feel special. This is the perfect balance of giving and receiving, when both you and your child receive a gift and give one as well.

6) Set an intention. Setting a simple but clear intention creates the doorway for sacred space. As you set your intention your words are heard and supported beyond you. Each word holds a vibration that is received by your child before you even enter his room. For example: “This evening Johnnie will feel the love that emanates from my heart and know he is safe, loved and nurtured.”

7) Deem the space sacred. As you have gone through the above steps you have released physical stress and pressure on yourself, you have connected to your heart and your child’s heart, you have created a special way to share and stated your intention. All of these have paved the way to creating sacred space. Now it is time to deem the space sacred! The space becomes sacred as you declare it so! For example, make this intention: “I deem this space sacred as I choose to connect with my child from my heart to hers. There is nothing more important at this moment than my time with my child. I choose to be present and also allow myself to receive my child’s love and any gift she wishes to share with me.” And so it is! This is just an example; know that your own words are very powerful and feel free to be guided with your words.

In a short period of time this ritual will create an enormous shift. You might even notice that you and your child sleep better and are more present with each other when you are awake. Each breath you take together with your child is a magnificent gift. Make your shared moments and breaths sacred!

Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein has composed and produced music for television and film. Barry believes strongly in the sacred and healing aspects of sound, vibration and music. His Healing with Music series Ambiology is used globally in medical facilities and practices.