Conscious Evolotion and The Akashic Records: Our Souls’ Collective Archive

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by Barbara Schiffman

More people are tuning into their Souls than ever before. Self-help authors and spiritual teachers often echo Jesuit philosopher-scientist Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

An increasing number of hypnotherapists and physicians are writing about “life between lives.” Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander recounts his personal experience of the unity of all Souls while in a near-death coma in his book, Proof of Heaven. Hypnotherapist Michael Newton, Ph.D., relates case studies of hypnosis sessions in Journey of Souls in which his clients recall periods between lives, including why and how they chose to come back again.

Wikipedia defines Akasha as the Sanskrit word for the “"basis and essence of all things in the tangible world.” Among the reported methods for accessing the Akashic Records are meditation, hypnosis, shamanic rituals and remote viewing techniques, as well as several vibrational prayers like Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process. In the early 1900s, “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce claimed the information he received in his medical and past life readings while under hypnosis came from the Akashic Records. Many religions also regard the Records as God’s “Book of Life.” Carl Jung’s “collective consciousness” might be another term for what scientific philosopher Ervin Laszlo refers to as the Unified Field in his book, Science and The Akashic Field."

According to the Records, our current lives are only one chapter in our Soul’s true-story-in-progress, and our soul patterns evolve through the progression of our past lives as we learn cosmic lessons. This is true whether we believe in past lives or not. Future lifetimes — which are yet to be written and not pre-determined — are shaped by our choices and actions.

At the Soul-level, everything is “whole, complete and good” according to Akashic expert Linda Howe, author of How to Read the Akashic Records. We can envision the Records as “the Cosmic Inner-net” where everything we think, feel, hear, say and do is vibrationally recorded in the way our DVRs now record shows and movies from our TVs for later viewing.

Many people envision the Records in meditation as an infinite library. In the 2011 action-romance film The Adjustment Bureau, the Adjustors in fact seemed to live in a library; this is Hollywood’s best depiction of the Records so far.

Since human eyes have been called the Soul's windows or mirrors, can our Souls actually be seen through our eyes? If so, do our Souls reside in our brains? Metaphysicians have long believed human brains are attuned to the collective consciousness like physical antennas designed to transmit and receive mental data as well as process spiritual energy via our Souls.

Some scientific thinkers suggest that our sense of God or the Divine is generated merely by brain functions. In his 2005 book The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into Our Genes, Dean Hamer explored how neurotransmitters associated with so-called mystic experiences stimulate brain synapses, generating a sense of self-transcendence and an openness to “believe things that are not literally provable.”

This fails to prove that the Soul does not exist, however. Although we can't see or feel it, the Soul has in fact been measured. In 1901 Dr. Duncan MacDougall weighed five terminally ill patients just before and just after their moments of death. He concluded they were each 21 grams lighter after their breathing ceased. Since the air in their lungs didn't weigh that much, "something else" — their Souls perhaps? — must have departed from their bodies.

We can think of the Akashic Records as humanity’s Soul-body which is continually expressing through each of us throughout our lives. As more people consciously tune into their Souls and begin living from a multiple-lifetime perspective, we can generate enough critical mass to naturally shift all of humanity to a stronger focus on healing our planet and caring for each other.

As Linda Howe shares: “The energy present in the Records is a very quick vibration with a great velocity…. Being in the Records potentially takes participants into a state of unconditional love, acceptance, peace, power and light. The combination of knowledge and power found in the Records activates the highest good of all.”

Barbara Schiffman is a Life&Soul Balance Coach and an Akashic Records Advanced Certified Teacher/Practitioner trained by Linda Howe. She helps people expand their lives and evolve their souls. Learn about her e-courses, her empowering books and Life&Soul coaching programs for people seeking joyful, resilient and exhilarating lives at