Cards of Destiny: A New Look at an Ancient Form of Divination

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by Nancy McCleary

Who does not desire a road map into their future? Life is about the journey, and a little guidance is usually appreciated. If you are on a quest for self-understanding, career help or insight into relationships and the lessons for this lifetime, then read on.

There is a system that has been right under your nose for years that can tell you everything from when your life will be devoted to deeper spirituality and when it will be more of a materialistic nature, to whether you tend to operate from your head or from your heart. This and more can be found within the Cards of Destiny, a system based on a simple deck of playing cards. In truth, a deck of playing cards is anything but ordinary. It is actually an ancient calendar system and also a scientific system of divination.

Mystical orders have hidden this system for centuries to preserve its wisdom. It is believed to date back to ancient Egyptian times and the Order of the Magi, but the exact history remains unclear. What matters is that this amazingly accurate science is now readily available to guide you on your life journey. Look closely at a deck of cards and you will see that the cycles of time and nature are woven into what is so much more than a game. The 52 cards in the deck symbolize the weeks in the year, while the four suits represent the four seasons and the four elements. (See the chart for the symbology of the four suits.)

How can we best utilize what the Cards of Destiny show us? Many cards act as symbols (called Personal Significators) of who we are, but our Birth Card is the most important. Sometimes called our Sun Card, it symbolizes our soul’s identity in this lifetime. We have the choice to act on the lower or the higher qualities of each card’s traits. Next in importance is our Planetary Ruling card, which symbolizes how we express ourselves through our work and life.

Both of these cards are determined by a complex formula designed long ago, based on our birth date and our astrological sign. The layout of the cards, which is the basis of this system, is called the Grand Solar Spread. Although we don't know how each birthdate was assigned to its specific card, what matters most is the incredible accuracy of this predictive system. Using aspects of astrology and numerology, the Grand Solar Spread provides us with order and information so we can know who we really are in a seemingly chaotic world. Karma and Personality Cards, assigned for each birth date, divulge even more information about us.

The wisdom of numerology and astrology are present within the Cards of Destiny system. As you are well aware, each card has a numeric value, but additional information, not so apparent on the surface, is available within the cards to help you navigate life. In simplistic terms, Aces symbolize the individual, beginnings and the search for self. Twos seek balance and harmony in relationships. Threes long to create something new, Fours are all about stability and security and Five is the number for freedom and adventure. Sixes symbolize that things must ultimately be brought into balance and is the number of fate while Seven is considered one of the more spiritual numbers, experiencing higher states of consciousness. Eights are power cards and Nines symbolize endings. Tens suggest inner contentment, attention and respect.

Jacks, the first and youngest members of the royal family, have several interpretations. Transformation is key; they choose between youthful exuberance and the potential to be initiated into the power and responsibility of becoming a King. Queens rule with compassion and power, representing some of the classic feminine archetypes. Kings represent the last stage in human development and represent the masculine archetypes of power and leadership while ruling with the wisdom of experience.

Once you know your Personal Significators, you are able to read your Yearly and Life Reports, or Spreads. These spreads are comprised of the cards that make the predictions of what will happen in your life based on one of your Personal Significators. Within the Yearly Report, there are cards that govern the entire year, beginning on your birth date, and cards that govern specific periods during the year. These seven specific periods, called Planetary Periods, are governed by a particular planet and its energy. They are each 52 days long. Once you become aware of this planetary energy, you can utilize it and benefit from it. Your Life Spread is divided into 13-year periods, also influenced by planetary energy.

Esoteric sciences like the cards and astrology do not require intuition for accuracy because they are based upon planetary influences and the cycles of earth and the heavens. However, intuition and knowledge about the meanings of the cards may be helpful for a deeper understanding of a specific spread.

There is order in the Universe and we are given opportunities to evolve, achieve deeper awareness and transform. We simply have to look for the sacred, the patterns and the messages that are provided for us. Sometimes the messenger may not be who or what we expect. Since many of the secrets of the Universe are hidden in plain sight, Cards of Destiny may just reveal to you exactly what you need to know.

Suit Represents Season Element

Hearts People, Love, Beauty, Emotion Spring Water

Clubs Mental Curiosity, Study, Education Summer Air

Diamond Material Manifestation, Clarity of Values Autumn Earth

Spades Transformation, Spiritual Endeavors at a deep level Winter Fire

Nancy McCleary is a Channel and a Cards of Destiny practitioner. She guides people in discovering their passions and purpose while deepening their connection to Spirit. To learn more, visit