Buddy’s Gift

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by Barb Adams

Science tells us that nothing in nature, not even the tiniest particle, can disappear without a trace. Think about that for a moment. Once you do, your thoughts about life will never be the same. — Werner von Braun, German Physicist

As the holidays near, I am reminded of one very special gift that my sister and I received two years ago — a gift in the form of a very special cat.

Throughout history, the beauty and grace of cats have inspired countless artists, writers and musicians to immortalize them, but it is their spiritual nature that attracts us and earned them a special place in our hearts. Cats seem to live in that mysterious realm between the natural and the transcendental. As Gerald and Loretta Hausman wrote in The Mythology of Cats, “Cats were connected to the cosmos as no other animal, and because of this they granted us our own vestigial link to the spheres and the powers thereof that gave us spiritual strength.”

Those whose lives have been graced by the love of cats understand just how special and extraordinary these creatures are. Unfortunately, and usually all too soon, they leave our lives and are gone, we fear, forever. But like love, cats themselves can transcend death, and sometimes a cat finds a way to reach through the veil.

That veil parted two years ago when my sister took her beloved cat, Buddy, an orange tabby, to the vet for the final time. Buddy had been diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier, and had progressed to where procrastination of the inevitable would have meant the possibility of suffering. My sister’s decision, although painful, was one of love, and Buddy transitioned peacefully in her arms. I remember the phone call I received after she returned home; she was inconsolable.

My sister remained that way for some time, and my concern for her increased as she began sinking deeper into a dark depression. After one particularly disturbing phone call, I decided that something needed to be done. I set a powerful, loving intention that guidance be sent to her.

Within three days, my sister called. She told me about an extraordinary visit she had from Buddy, who had awakened her from sleep by appearing in “physical” form, allowing her to pet him and even feel his weight upon her chest. She relayed how he had stayed with her for several minutes, imparting the sensation for her to “let go.”

Although uplifted temporarily, my sister fell into despair once again. Almost as quickly though, Buddy re-appeared, this time allowing her to play with him just as they had done when he was “alive.” Jubilant, my sister began to believe Buddy was finding his way back home to her, which was her heart’s desire.

Having been a skeptic for much of her life about anything “paranormal,” my sister began opening up, eagerly asking questions about what these visitations could mean. Our relationship grew as we talked candidly about spirituality and how everything is connected. My sister was opening her heart again, and allowing love to flow.

When asked what she desired from Buddy’s visits, my sister responded that she wanted Buddy to find a way back home for the holidays. We set an intention that her heart be open and loving and that Buddy’s love find a way back to her for the holidays, intending all of this only if it was in the highest and best interest for her, everyone else, and the Universe.

I’ll never forget the phone call I received just days after we set the intention. My sister had gone out to do laundry, which brought painful memories of happier times when Buddy would leap playfully into the basket of warm laundry. I sensed amazement and astonishment in her voice, though, and could feel a definite shift in energies.

While she was at the laundromat, Buddy had appeared and, just as in “life,” jumped playfully into the basket of warm towels. My sister told me how he had gazed into her eyes so intently that she felt she might faint, but did not, knowing now that he had come to say his final good-bye. Sad, but sure now that their connection was eternal, my sister let go and said “good-bye” as she watched him fade from her sight.

Upon arriving back at her apartment, my sister began pulling the towels out of the basket. Suddenly, something small and shiny caught her eye. There, at the bottom of the basket, was a small, shiny silver heart! As she reached down to scoop it up and press it to her own heart, her phone rang.

It was her best friend calling, and she was bursting with excitement. She told my sister that her daughter-in-law’s cats, both grays, had given birth to a litter of kittens — all grays except for one little orange tabby with three very distinct marks on him — marks that were identical to Buddy’s! At that moment, my sister knew Buddy had returned.

What a joyous holiday it was; one of the most special my sister and I have experienced. She ended up naming her “new cat” Jonas, after the cat in one of her favorite books about two sisters who share a special connection with a very special cat. And as for Jonas, he’s every bit the miracle he was intended to be, enjoying all of Buddy’s old special hiding places… once more, at home.

Barb Adams is the host of the nationally syndicated talk show, Amerika Now www.radioamerikanow.com, heard on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.