by Sally Petersen

Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis is occurring through convergence as the descent of the Consciousness-Force, manifesting as the full-potential self, and the ascent of the Earthly human coincide, says futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The new Universal Human is created when we bring our essential self (our eternal consciousness), and our local self (our current ego-based life expression) together. Hubbard describes a process of spiritual practice to facilitate this shift. Over time, the essential self “incarnates” and takes first position over the local self. “The local egoic personality self becomes so enchanted with the experience of its essential self that it freely, voluntarily, even joyfully, chooses to surrender its dominance,” she says.

Healing the separation between ego and essence is the feminine path to the future, not only individually, but globally. In this process, we become co-creators of the phenomenal world, as genius codes are awakened and evolution naturally moves toward “more consciousness, greater freedom of expression, and more cooperative and co-creative relationships.”

Hubbard developed this guide in 2001, when she was 72 years old. The book was revised and updated in 2012, when Hubbard was 83. As president and co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (, she continues to be active as a futurist and evolutionary educator.

52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The 52 Evolutionary Codes presented in this short book support the process of the evolutionary journey toward becoming the Universal Human as described in Hubbard’s book Emergence. Hubbard presents 52 life-giving insights, which she called Evolutionary Codes.

These Codes are “examples of downloads from the highest frequency of our being… [which] flow to us from Universal Intelligence, from the quantum field.”

The reader can meditate on one code per week, or per day, or at any pace that is comfortable. A meditation CD, “Contact with your Universal Self,” is included.

There’s More to Life Than This

Theresa Caputo

Irrepressible and brassy New Yorker Theresa Caputo shares her life story, healing messages, and insights about the Other Side. Like many psychic mediums, she began experiencing visitations from entities at a very young age through dreams, seeing spirits and hearing messages. Raised in a loving, supportive family with a strong religious faith, she felt challenged by her experiences and developed chronic anxiety.

Eventually, she learned that the anxiety stemmed from blocking her empathic gift. For example, feeling she was choking was a message about how someone died; it didn’t need to lead to a panic attack. Once she could interpret and channel Spirit’s messages, the energy was released and the communication from the other side helped others connect to their loved ones and heal from their losses.

Viewers of her TLC TV show “Long Island Medium” see snippets of her readings for clients and a peek into her everyday life. The book gives a fuller picture of Theresa’s knowledge and experiences. She shares what she has learned about God, heaven, life purpose, and lessons from Spirit.