Are You a Mind Reader?

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by Sarina Baptiste

Not long ago, psychics were thought to be menacing mind readers who stared into crystal balls foretelling futures of darkness and despair. Neon signs flashed “PSYCHIC” in electric blue above storefront windows, as women in strange garb peered at the passersby. This was the image in my head when someone said “psychic.” That is, until I became one.

When I was told I was psychic, I laughed--heartily! I have since learned so much about these abilities, and I am thankful to say I have not changed my clothing style or invested in signage for my home. Many just like me are realizing their psychic abilities. The lines between those with “inherent” psychic abilities and “regular folk” no longer exist. It is now possible for anyone to connect to the Other Side with dedication and practice.

It is a unique time on our planet, if that wasn’t already abundantly clear. The dimension where our loved ones reside is so close. The “space” between our world and the next is shrinking, making it much easier to connect and receive information clearly. Connection is simpler than it has ever been.

We are all psychic. We can all connect. Making that connection is so important to our success as inhabitants of this planet. Even if you do not want to “read minds,” receiving clear answers from the Other Side is invaluable as the world continues to change.

Here are some steps to begin the process:

  1. Commit to it. If you make excuses about not having enough time or how everything else takes precedence, it will take you that much longer to get connected. The choice is yours. You can connect. Make the commitment and set your priorities appropriately.
  2. Ask for help from your Divine helpers, whoever they may be for you. For some, it’s the angels. For others, it is those who have passed. Maybe, it is Source, God, The One or the Universe. You need to feel safe and supported. You are not alone. You are never alone. Asking for help gives our helpers permission to assist.
  3. Evaluate your belief system. Do you believe you have to be special to connect? Do you believe you have a Divine spark within you? Do you feel worthy of having connection with All that Is? Do you believe it is time to get rid of the mental junk preventing you from connecting? Sometimes, it is self-sabotage that keeps us from receiving. Looking at these systems and asking ourselves if we are ready to break the chains is an important part of the process. We all have a Divine spark within us. We are always connected with Home, whether it is on a conscious level or not.
  4. Carve out fifteen minutes a day to meditate. Meditation is the key to connecting! If you are a beginning meditator, you might use a guided meditation. This allows your left brain, the critical thinker, to concentrate on the words while your right brain creates the imagery and takes you on the journey. Quiet meditation or meditation with music is another option. Meditation turns off the critical thinker so your right brain can explore freely.
  5. Journal for five minutes every day. Journaling is the process of putting your psychic experiences into words so that your critical thinker believes they are true. The act of writing it down makes it real. Journal your meditation experiences, any synchronicities, such as number sequences, animal visits, or anything else which you feel are signs. Journal your feelings about the journey. Acknowledging your emotions is another way to release them so they do not interfere with your progress.
  6. State your affirmation: “I am clearer each and every day. I connect easily with the other side.” Putting what you want into words as if you already have it is a great way to bring it into reality.

This is just the beginning of your journey. Finding the appropriate training program is the next step when you are ready. Remember to use your intuition to find a mentor. They are not all created equal and some will be a better fit for you than others. Take your time and know you have everything already within you to do this. Psychics are not special. We are just like you, and you are just like us. Maybe giving readings at psychic fairs is not your style, but I believe we all want to connect with that Infinite Support System to help guide us through these uncertain times. Make the commitment and you will have the connection. It really is that simple.

Sarina Baptista is a psychic medium mentor. She trains adults and children to connect to their Infinite Support System through one-on-one, group and online training. She holds live Connecting events and is the author of The Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story due for release in February 2012.