Are Crop Circles ‘2012 Messages’ from Other Worlds?

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by Phyllis Kennemer

Are extraterrestrials communicating with humans through crop circles? Patty Greer believes they are! And she has produced several documentary films that support this premise.

Although crop circles have been around for hundreds of years, their numbers and complexity have been intensifying and increasing during the past several decades. The circles appear all over the world, but most appear in England along ley lines within a forty-mile radius of the Stone Circle of Avery, in the southwestern part of the country. The stone circle, constructed more than 4000 years ago, is symbolic of the intense spiritual energy of this ancient sacred site.

Greer’s movie, 2012 We’re Already in It, produced in 2008, includes discussions about the 2012 phenomena. The overall message is, “Humanity as a whole is evolving from the old ways of deception and poverty into a new vision of freedom and peace.” Greer believes that Crop Circles are left in fields to bridge our world with other worlds through visible communication. She says, “Crop circles are gently preparing us for contact. They speak to the subconscious mind and offer planetary solutions, important tools, keys of wisdom and higher consciousness to those who are open to receive them.”

Greer relates that she awoke from a dream at 3:00 am with the opening line to her latest movie 4 Stories - One Event - Other Worlds. “The elders were correct. As the last remnants of greed and corruption slip away, humanity has realigned with higher dimensions.” This film features interviews with four different groups of people from three countries who saw orange balls of light on July 29, 2010. Two of the men filmed the event which shows illuminated light beings emerging from the balls. One of the men said, “My eyes don’t lie. It’s just my rational mind that tries to find a rational explanation!” According to Greer, “Illuminated beings are presenting themselves and many of us are seeing them. The real story of 2012 is that we are experiencing the end of the old ways and the beginning of the new!”

Patty Greer is one of a growing group of people who believe that crop circles are the first physical manifestation of extraterrestrial communication that humans can physically see. There seems to be a strong possibility that the circles are encoded with sources of wisdom to assist humanity into a new paradigm, moving away from an existence of separateness and competition into a reality of unity and cooperation, commonly believed to be an essential element for the evolution of the human species.

Before becoming involved with crop circles, Greer was a successful musician – playing the harp, writing songs, singing, making CDs. But in 2007 her life took an amazing turn. She felt a strong urge to travel from her home in Boulder, Colorado, to southern England expressly to visit crop circles. Once there, she was drawn to enter the center of a circle and lay down. An intense energy enveloped her as she sensed the vortex of electromagnetic energy emanating from the woven wheat design. She knew she was not alone!

Greer had an out-of-body experience while lying in a crop circle that totally changed her. She emerged with a new life plan which called her to begin making documentary movies about Crop Circles, UFOs, and 2012. She had no previous training or knowledge of film-making, nor had she previously experienced any desire to make movies. Since that time Greer has explored more than a hundred crop circles and through both conscious and subliminal experiences, she has created five movies. Some of these films have won prestigious awards for their content and impact.

“It is a magical experience to see acres of grain seamlessly swirled down into perfect circles, precise angles, immaculate pathways and with unique centerpieces,” she says. Two of her movies show footage of a crop circle being created in seconds. Other film segments show two balls of light communicating with each other prior to the appearance of a crop circle in a field of wheat. A slow motion process of a videotape recorded in 1996 reveals a line consisting of binary language that connects the two light sources.

Crop circle enthusiasts (called Croppies) include scientists, mathematicians, metaphysicians and others who believe that the circles are created by extraterrestrials with the purpose of communicating important messages to us. Greer agrees. The more she studies crop circles the more she is convinced that alien beings are conveying messages to us. She feels that they are drawing attention to the vulnerability of our food supply at a time when our farms are being tampered with and our food fields are becoming toxic — a message of extreme importance.

The theory is that crop circle designs are formed by energy from other dimensions. Many are based in sacred geometry and some contain sacred emblems. Several circles contain messages written in binary language which can be deciphered by mathematicians. The symbols convey positive messages that speak directly to the subconscious mind. Viewing the circles or photographs of the circles imprints these messages into the psyche. For more information about Patty Greer and her films, visit

Dr. Phyllis K. Kennemer is a Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. She is a life-long learner and educator with a specialty in children’s literature.