And God said, “Let There Be Laughter” An Interview with Linda M. Potter

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by Toni D. Holm

Linda M. Potter (distant aunt to Harry Potter) is a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, spiritual counselor, and humorist. Truthfully, I believe she’d want me to start that list with actor. She loves to perform. Who better than an actor and humorist to inspire us to get up in the morning, grab a hot cup of java, and set off down the road to grapple with yet another day on our spiritual path? I’d vote for the humorist.

It takes some of us much longer to figure out what our real purpose is this lifetime — and that’s okay, says Linda: "My professional resume reads like a Wikipedia entry for Attention Deficit Disorder. I've had more jobs than hair colors and filled out more career aptitude forms than tax returns. Of course, that’s what happens when you get sidetracked from your life purpose. However, I don't regret any of it — life lessons, like signs, are where you find them.” It’s her take on spirituality that speaks to the seeker in all of us. And what do we seekers want? We want signs from God! And we want them hot and now! If we’re really honest, none of us want to reincarnate through eons of lives without a map or some kind of navigational tools or road signs! It’s pretty tricky out there right now. Had Noah had some buoys and beacons to help him navigate the floodwaters during that yearlong search for higher ground, maybe his journey could have been six months shorter. Perhaps the length of time doing the journey doesn’t matter. Maybe what does matter is how well we do the journey, short or long.

That’s where Linda’s humor is joined at the hip with her wisdom: how are we doing on this particular journey? Don’t have a clue? Linda’s Erma Bombeck wit drops you right into the mundane, even into an airport restroom, and voila — the wisdom you’ve been holding your breath for shows up etched in a Q & A on the inside door of the toilet stall, and it reads: Q: “Who’s the most important person when you’re traveling? A: The person who cleans the bathroom.” I’m still contemplating that profound sign.

Who is Linda M. Potter? She’s a delightful human being; gracious with words and actions; kind and funny on her worst days; gifted with sharing her talents and skills, knowledge and wisdom in ways that uplift and inspire your heart and mind. Linda has a constant steady rhythm that you know you can count on when you need her. She’s the type of woman you hope you can call friend for life. I have the great privilege of helping Linda launch her debut book: If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!

Toni Holm: Can you describe the first time you were aware of “acting or performing” some little skit, song, or joke that made others laugh out loud and how did it make you feel?

Linda M. Potter: In second grade my teacher put together a bulletin board featuring everyone’s baby pictures. I thought it might be fun to write cute captions for all the photos. Well, my project lead to an assembly where I read my poems as the pictures came up on the screen behind me. I wasn’t really trying to be funny, but everybody laughed and applauded. I still remember a couple of those poems.