Align Your New Year’s Resolutions with Your Aura Color Personality

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by Pamela Oslie

Start the year off right by honoring your true colors — better known as your aura colors — and make your New Year’s resolutions the most powerful yet. Everyone has an aura, sometimes termed the electro-magnetic field; we’ve all felt them. We’re instantly drawn to some people and repelled by others because we feel their energy. That energy is expressed in different color bands that radiate from our bodies in what is called the aura.

Our aura colors reveal important information about who we are — our personality, relationship style and compatibilities, best career paths, potential health challenges and more. Once you discover your true aura colors and the personality, emotions and temperament they reflect, you can make New Year’s resolutions that will speed you on your way to living a fulfilling life.

The quiz accompanying this article will help you discover your aura color. Once you know your color, read on to discover your aura color personality and an example of a resolution that matches your aura color personality:


Some Yellows are shy and sensitive; others are outgoing, playful, energetic, funny, optimistic and free-spirited. Yellows rarely look, feel or act their age. Their life purpose is to enjoy life, to spread joy or to help others heal. Yellows like to exercise and eat healthy — although, if they’re unhappy and unfulfilled, they often become addicts. Their best careers are creative (artist, musician, dancer, designer, writer, comedian); healing (doctor, masseuse, veterinarian); or physical (athlete, builder, landscaper) Yellows need playful, fun-loving partners who are their best friends and who accept their youthful behavior. Their challenge is to commit to something and follow through. Yellows have great ideas but typically procrastinate because of insecurity or fear.

New Year’s Resolution: This year I commit to take action, to bring my ideas and plans into reality. My idea or project could bring happiness or be useful to others so I will follow through. And I will commit to participating in healthy activities.


Tans are practical, logical and down-to-earth. They analyze details and calculate the steps they take in life. People often appreciate the calm, levelheaded and sensible nature of Tans. They usually pay their bills and make conservative, long-term investments. They value security and stability. Tans tend to keep their feelings to themselves and dislike drama, so they prefer partners who are reliable, calm, rational and stable. Tans are often architects, engineers, bookkeepers, computer programmers and such. They can, however, get stuck in routine and therefore limit themselves and their life experiences. They are not risk-takers and are uncomfortable with change.

New Year’s Resolution: I commit to exploring new ideas and concepts so that I can expand my thinking and therefore my experiences. I will take steps to change at least one significant thing in my life and explore more possibilities.


Greens are intelligent, quick and usually drawn to money and power. Often found in business, they’re movers and shakers, often workaholics. They’re organized, efficient, list-makers. Greens are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. They need to accomplish projects or develop businesses; otherwise they become bored and restless. They are highly competitive and enjoy taking risks. Most fulfilling jobs include CEO, stockbroker, banker, realtor, salesperson, organizer, fundraiser or manager. They prefer partners who are self-reliant, intellectually stimulating and respectful of them, their money and their work. They are often perfectionists and can become impatient and overly critical when they are unfulfilled and unhappy.

New Year’s Resolution: I commit to developing more tolerance and patience with myself and others. I will take time to include more balance, enjoyment and relaxation in my life so that I stay healthy.


Blues are emotional, nurturing and supportive. Their priorities are love, spirituality and helping others. People usually turn to Blues for comfort and counsel. Blues are very loyal to their families and friends and love to be in love. They live from their hearts and tend to cry easily. They’re also very intuitive, even psychic. Blues are often teachers, counselors, nurses, volunteers and caretakers. They need mates who are loyal, caring, kind, emotionally available, faithful and trustworthy. They usually feel guilty saying no and therefore tend to over-commit themselves, putting others’ needs before their own.

New Year’s Resolution: I commit to allowing myself to say no; and to love and care for myself as much as I love and care for others without thinking I am being selfish or inconsiderate. By allowing my own “cup” to be full, I am better able to overflow love and kindness onto others. I trust that other people’s souls know what they are doing; I allow them to take care of themselves and figure out their own lives.


Violets are visionaries. They sense they have a big purpose — to save the planet, to improve the quality of life for people, to inspire or educate the masses. Violets prefer to work for themselves or be leaders. Violets are often famous. They like careers in the media, entertainment, art, music, psychology, teaching, politics, law or causes. They need freedom and often travel. They need to feel passionate about life and their work or they will feel something is missing. Violets need partners who are equals, who share their vision, are inspirational and passionate and can soar with them. Violets are often told they are unrealistic dreamers because what they want to accomplish is big and beyond the ordinary. If they don’t believe in their dreams, however, they can become discouraged, scattered, confused or even depressed.

New Year’s Resolution: I commit to finding time to meditate or to be quiet so I can connect with my vision and dreams, trust my visions, focus and take steps toward them. If I find myself doubting my abilities, I will spend time around people who inspire me so I am encouraged to believe in myself and my dreams.

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Quiz, below as a sidebar to the article.


Yes No Color #1

___ ___ I like to laugh, play and cheer people up.

___ ___ I tend to look younger than my age.

___ ___ I like to be creative, artistic, athletic or a healer.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #2

___ ___ I am analytical and logical, not an emotional person.

___ ___ I enjoy working with computers, machines, or electronics.

___ ___ I prefer to work for others and enjoy working on details.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #3

___ ___ I tend to be a workaholic, perfectionist, ambitious and strong-willed.

___ ___ My top priorities are money and accomplishing goals.

___ ___ I am organized, efficient and often write lists.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #4

___ ___ I tend to help, counsel and nurture others.

___ ___ Love, spirituality and relationships are my highest priorities

___ ___ I tend to be emotional and can cry easily.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #5

___ ___ I have a strong desire to help save or improve the planet.

___ ___ I have always felt that I was going to be famous, be a leader or do something big and important.

___ ___ Freedom, travel and independence are major priorities to me.

___ ___ Total

Highest number of “yes” answers: Color #______

Second highest number of “yes” answers: Color #______

Your Aura Color Key

1 = Yellow

2 = Tan

3 = Green

4 = Blue

5 = Violet

Most people have two main aura colors, so the personality traits of both colors apply.

Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host and professional psychic. She is the author of Life Colors, Love Colors and Make Your Dreams Come True. Pam is the Founder of, a one-stop virtual city designed to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life.