A Voice From Occupy Wall Street and Tea Parties Worldwide

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by Brent Hunter

All over the world, people are tired of waiting for their government leaders to make the necessary changes that are promised year after year. While we try to remain optimistic about our future, some of us are frustrated, some are understandably angry, and we all hunger for change. Change is at the heart of the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party Movements in the U.S. and for the Occupy Movement in many other countries.

Some say that we don’t have a single unifying message but this is only because they don’t fully understand what is going on. In fact, we are all trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and we are even more hopeful because now more of us are uniting and sharing what we know. We are awakening to the shocking realization that central banks owned by private individuals and large corporations actually control the money supply.

As unbelievable as it is, many of our governments do not directly control their own money supplies, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, and are therefore not fully in control of the country. Instead, a group of privately-owned central banks and their anonymous owners control it all. Although research shows that many central banks insist on the importance of being independent of government control, it should be noted that throughout the history of central banks, the issue of who directly controls the currency has been hotly debated, especially in the United States. We are ready for change and this requires transparency, and by more than a group of people whose institutions are driven by the financial gain of its relatively small group of owners. The system created in a previous century that is controlled by the few is clearly not working for the many.

Regardless of our specific reasons for being involved in the Occupy and Tea Party Movements, we are aware that at the root of all these issues is how the money supply is created and controlled, and by whom. Although this central bank issue is not yet widely known, more and more people are on to the game. We want the game to change and we want this issue to be part of the national and international public conversation leading to significant change.

This critical issue must not fade from the public’s eye – let’s tenaciously talk with our family, friends and colleagues and let’s send this letter to everyone, including the media. We seek a voice at the table rather than being ignored by the small group of central bankers who are just doing things as they always have. While some of us are beyond angry, many of us view our challenges as systemic issues that must be resolved by calm, level-headed, logical conversation and dialogue. Until we put the control of the money supply back into the hands of our elected officials, the heated debates between Democrats and Republicans will be a sideshow, a dangerous distraction to the real issue that must be addressed. If the Occupy and Tea Party voices are not heard and life goes on as usual, we will continue to be at this dangerous precipice.

Since our governments are not in control, it is vital for The People to take a stand. Non-action is simply not an option – the stakes are too high for the well-being of the 312 million people in the U.S. and 7 billion people on the planet. We come in peace to build a bridge to our future but make no mistake about it, we want change and we know that when The People lead, the leaders follow.

Brent N. Hunter, IT Consultant and author of The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace. www.TheRainbowBridge.org