A Summer of Soul Sessions

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by Tracee Sioux

At the end of the school year I went on back-to-back Soul Treks. The first was a quintessential family vacation (by quintessential, I refer to the National Lampoon’s Vacation variety); the second, a heart-centered business marketing conference of holy dimensions.

Enlightened by Mini Van

My grandmother turned 90 years old in May, so I packed up the mini-van with my parents, my two children, a family friend’s child and a cousin and headed to her birthday party in Longview, Texas. There were seven seats, seven people, 1,057 miles and 17 hours in the van. When we arrived we joined a hundred relatives. There was love, ex-in-laws, joy, drama, adventure, a tire blow-out and two near-death experiences. By the end of the week I wanted to hug my house and French kiss my parched lawn.

“If you think you are so enlightened, go spend a week with your parents,” Ram Dass says and I’ll echo that. Not all spiritual-growth trips are about meditation and chi balancing massages, but they can lead to enlightenment just the same.

Holy Marketing

After a restorative energy session with C.J. McDaniel at Lymph Works to clear, repair and ground me from that psychic chaos, I set off for a different kind of adventure. It was a heart-centered, conscious marketing course, “Uplevel Your Business LIVE,” in Atlanta, Georgia,. with my friend and client Anna Koclanes. I wanted to grow my Law of Attraction coaching business, Authentic Power Living, and learn better ways to help my clients manifest their dream lives. Koclanes is opening an inter-disciplinary wellness center, Naina, which will serve the practitioners as generously as it serves the clients.

We went to find out if marketing can be a sacred experience. Or do we all have to be like mustached used-car salesmen or the multi-level marketing neighbor who is always trying to score an extra $50 by signing up her friends? Christine Kane, president and founder of Uplevel Your Business, promised to prove that there is money — and lots of it — to be made in helping professions and, better yet, to show us how to do it exceptionally well.

During this adventure we mingled with healers, writers, photographers, painters, therapists, life coaches, business coaches, love coaches, marketing junkies, organizers, home health workers and people who were using their unique talents and passions to develop careers that haven’t been invented yet. We were surrounded by brilliant entrepreneurs, mostly women, hundreds of them, in various stages of business development and marketing savvy. Many of them were making a great deal of money in their helping professions and all were doing it in a spiritually-centered way.

Two basic themes emerged:

  1. We are out to change the world using our gifts and talents.

  2. We don’t want to be broke to do it.

Too often people — gifted, talented, brilliant people — don’t pursue their purpose because they lack the foundations of business. Or if they are running a business using their gifts, talents, purpose, skills and passion, there never seems to be enough business and they don’t make enough money. Tragically, many healers called to their purpose end up keeping their 9 to 5

jobs because they lack the business savvy it takes to transform their purpose a successful business.

Koclanes and I are on a mission to reject that business model — the one where saving the planet entails financial struggle — in favor of one that encourages healers and practitioners, artists and writers, creatives and nurturers a generous and abundant wage. After all, we believe in Law of Attraction and an infinitely abundant Universe, right?

“Healers change the world. One person at a time, they heal them, and those people go out in the world as a brighter light. That is how we heal the planet,” is how Koclanes passionately put it late one night as we were plotting world domination through healing and coaching in our pajamas at the eccentric and well-appointed W Hotel. What did we learn? That healers, coaches and artists can earn an abundant living — more than they dare dream, even. But that they have to make a few practical changes, like treating their business as a business: communicate consistently with potential clients, raise prices and package their products strategically. Rather than conjure up the “right energy” for people to come flocking to them, as many healers believe they should be doing, they should learn the rules of money and reliable business practices and use them consistently. Koclanes and I came home from Atlanta feeling exponentially more powerful — both as seekers on a spiritual quest and as entrepreneurs — than we ever have before. We are Powered Up! We’re using the tools we learned to manifest our passions, visions and dreams and getting amazing results. What could be more sacred and holy than that?

For more information about Uplevel Your Business visit www.uplevelyourbusiness.com. It is offered annually.

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