A Meditation on the Global Heart

Image for A Meditation on the Global Heart

by Anodea Judith

Place your hands over your heart and take a moment to listen deeply. Listen to your heartbeat, beating out the rhythm of life at the deepest core of you.

As you feel your heart, bow your head in gratitude to whatever divine force you believe in, to whatever power you feel pulsating through this amazing creation that has given you life.

As you feel that power, take a moment to appreciate the wondrous gifts that you have had the privilege to experience in your lifetime: the food in your belly, the clothes on your back, the beauty of nature’s vast diversity, the gift of growing up without fearing for your life, the privilege of great learning, and the blessing of living in a land that has known peace. Everything that you need has been given to you for this moment of truth.

For this moment of truth requires great strength if you and I are to face it fully. Because we who have known plenty, and the fortunate who have known peace, we who have benefited from exploitation, we must truly look at our world and see how much we are in danger. Our gifts give rise to our responsibility in this important time of global transformation.

So as you bow to the divine power within your heart, allow it to open to all the fear you have for our collective future, to the terror that millions face on a daily basis, to the loss and suffering that are spreading like wildfire faster than we can track. Feel the loss for the world that we will leave behind for our children.

Do not get lost in that fear, but let your heart open as well to the hope that has brought you here, to your belief in the powers of our kind, to the gratitude that you are not alone in your realization, to the majesty of grace that may have touched you at some point in your life.

And from that knowledge of grace, allow a prayer to come from your heart, a prayer that dares to connect with the immensity of the task before us, a prayer that holds a vision of what is possible, a prayer that sends the peace that you have known to places that have forgotten, to places that have never known peace, and to those lost in the despair of hopelessness.

And hold that vision of a peaceful future in which all children will live in safety, free to explore the gifts that this blessed earth has given us, the gifts to grow and learn healthy, and holy, and free.

And listen within that prayer for the guidance of the wise being within, the wisdom to guide you through the coming changes, that you can be a beacon of light for this peace, emanating from the peace in your heart for the betterment of all beings.

And see this light circling the world, being drawn to the places that need it most: Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Iran, Korea, Cambodia, China, India, the former Soviet Union, and last but not least, our own country that plays such a key role in leading the world at this time.

And finally see your children and grandchildren smiling with gratitude for this gift of peace that you are bestowing in your vision right now, that it has come to pass through the gift of your love, from the deepest and most powerful center of your heart.

_Excerpted from The Global Heart Awakens: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Anodea Judith, PhD, courtesy of Shift Books. For more information about Anodea, please visit: www.globalheartawakens.com or www.sacredcenters.com.