2014:  The Year of Soul Health

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by Katherine Kelly

A new era of consciousness is upon us and with it comes the ability for all of us to reach a more radiant and optimal level of health — soul health! The term may be new to many, but all of us yearn for a more peaceful, grounded and fulfilling experience of day-to-day life. As we learn to align with our soul, we not only reach this much desired level of radiant living, we also enter our most natural state — that of our soul’s infinite evolution.

The soul is at the hub of all aspects of everyday life — the physical, psychological, social, interpersonal, intellectual/occupational, environmental, financial, sexual, spiritual and recreational “branches” of our human condition. While each branch acts independently, they all converge to create a sense of “whole health.” As we listen from deep within, it is the voice of our soul that informs us about what we need — or don’t need — within each branch. So, when we align our human lives with the needs and desires of our soul, we experience health at the deepest and most satisfying level, which ultimately is our soul health.

To know your soul is to know true health. Then how do you truly get to know your soul? It is simple− listen, trust and take action.

First, listen to your innermost wisdom which is often heard through your “gut” reactions — the visceral sense of what feels “right” in any given situation. Although your head and your heart are influenced by what you were taught by others, your gut reactions are purely your inner voice informing you of your unique truth.

Second, learn to trust this inner voice as your most valued ally. We’ve all had times when we didn’t follow our gut reactions which resulted in regret, disappointment or remorse. By learning to trust your inner wisdom, you can fully honor your soul and, in turn, be rewarded by a more satisfying life.

Third, take action by responding to your gut (e.g., soul) reactions. In doing so, you will see that this inner “GPS” system leads you down the path to radiant health without the sense of regret you might have experienced had you not aligned with your soul.

Consider how to make 2014 your year of Soul Health by listening, trusting and acting upon how to improve each of the following branches of health. Ask yourself how can I enhance each branch?

1) Physical Health (increase physical fitness, improve nutrition, work to prevent or treat an illness or disease, get more sleep, attend better to general self-care)

2) Psychological Health (have more positive thoughts, change unhealthy behaviors, better manage my emotions/feelings, improve my self-esteem/self-image, eliminate “dis-ease”)

3) Social Health (eliminate unhealthy relationships, create better relationships with friends, family, colleagues and others, spend more time with my pets)

4) Interpersonal Health (create healthier personal/family dynamics including communication, boundaries, respect, sense of equality)

5) Intellectual/Occupational Health (feel more mentally stimulated, increase my curiosity to learn, feel fulfilled by work or other tasks)

6) Environmental Health (better enjoy my surroundings, belongings, climate, increase safety, and eliminate clutter)

7) Financial Health (having “enough,” save for the future, follow a budget, spend within limits)

8) Spiritual Health (increase a sense of inner peace, meaning, and purpose, practice centering or sacred rituals, increase a sense of community with self, others, and nature)

9) Sexual Health (enjoy sexual interactions, create intimacy and passion, establish physical and emotional safety with your partner, heal sexual wounds)

10) Recreational Health (create and enjoy time for fun, leisure, and entertainment)

Next, create a plan for how you want to move forward in creating your optimal health. You might want to choose one branch per month to explore, choose the top two or three branches that need work, or perhaps you will choose to work a little bit at a time on each of the branches throughout the year. Whichever method you choose, make sure it aligns with what feels the most “right”, and then get to work.

Our optimal health depends entirely on our willingness to evolve beyond what limits us and open ourselves to what will help us to thrive. By choosing to consciously evolve beyond our old ways and state of being, we can create our own blueprint for optimal soul health in 2014.

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Ph.D., M.S.P.H., is a licensed health psychologist, consultant, author, and speaker. Named the “pioneer of soul health,” her book Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living has reached national acclaim through radio shows and magazines throughout the United States. www.drkatherinetkelly.com.