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Get Your Shift Together with Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza

Recorded Live This unique and rare collaboration between Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, internationally renowned cellular biologist, bestselling author and speaker, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist, chiropractor, author, lecturer and expert on the brain, mind and human potential highlights their unique paths as they explore the common ground for transforming human consciousness in this critical period of our history.

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Awakening to Your Spiritual Abundance in Everyday Life with International Business Consultant Daniel Guiterrez

Pre-recorded 5/3/13

Daniel Gutierrez Are you still waiting for abundance?
When you have blocks in your life, it's a slippery slope with a myriad of emotions. You feel frustrated by your money issues that keep popping up month after month. You feel confused because it seems like you've tried everything to get free from this rut. You feel angry, as if you've squandered so many chances and you're back at square one-again.

The fact is, you are a divine being who deserves to live a prosperous, inspired life. Who is anyone to say otherwise? And that includes you. In order to allow abundance once and for all, you must re-train your mind to eliminate your negative self-talk, your destructive self-sabotage and your faulty belief system. This is going to take some doing.

On this Call you will discover:
* How changing your perspective can increase your chances of revealing more of your life.
* How understanding the stages of decline can change your life and open the channel to abundance.
* One simple mantra/mediation you can do immediately to begin to manifest the true nature your prosperity
* The three major ingredients that must be present for manifesting your life NOW!
* What is your birthright?
* An Exercise you can do NOW to make you more present and why that is important.

5 Key Skills for the Relationship Ride

Pre-recorded 3/19/13

Dr. Julie Colwell The #1 reason couples seek help is for “communication issues.” Wouldn’t you love to have easy, reliable skills at your fingertips so you can communicate clearly with your partner, when it matters most?

During this hour webinar, Dr. Julie Colwell will describe the 5 most powerful and effective skills she's found in her 25 years of coaching couples. These include:
• Watching the switch: Reactive Brain vs. Creative Brain.
• Diving to the real issue fast: Speaking the Unarguable Truth.
• Getting unstuck: Feeling emotions all the way through.
• Living from alignment: Making and keeping great agreements.
• Going big: Living from appreciation.

The Prosperity Shift: Unlocking Your Personalized Abilities to Prosper

Pre-recorded 2/27/13

Karen Sherwood Did you know that YOU have a specialized and unique way of manifesting or attracting prosperity and abundance in your life?

If you are currently feeling frustrated, bitter or disappointed with your current level of success, chances are, you are not living true to your unique design, nor are you utilizing your personalized abilities to proper. Learn your keys to unlocking the four critical components necessary to make the prosperity shift.

It's time for all of us to step into our fullest power and potential! FREE - CLICK HERE TO WATCH