• InnerViews with Kimmie Rose & Donna Visocky, · Tuesday, August 30 · 7:30pm

    InnerViews with Kimmie Rose & Donna Visocky

    Our guest this week Penny Peirce. As the vibration of the world continues to accelerate, we are being catalyzed into a new kind of knowing — literally, a leap of perception. We can now clearly see how perception itself creates the world and our life experience.

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  • Donna Visocky Ashland, WI · Thursday, September 22 · 6:30pm

    Donna Visocky

    Shift Happens: Overcoming challenge to live a joy-filled, expansive life.

    Do you feel as if your life has shifted, or needs to shift? Sometimes you’re ready to make a change and sometimes change kicks you right in the heart when you least expect it. Suddenly you’re knee deep in shift again.

    So what do you do when the shift hits your fan? Join Donna Visocky, a women who has faced her own shift – the loss of a child – for a healing, interactive and sometimes humorous discussion on how to navigate through the dynamics of change.

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  • Bruce Lipton Friday, September 30 · 12:00pm

    Bruce Lipton

    Get Your Shift Together with Bruce Lipton & Joe Dispenza - Audio Recording

    Missed this amazing workshop with two of world's leading visionaries?

    This unique and rare collaboration between Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza highlights their unique paths as they explore the common ground for transforming human consciousness in this critical period of our history.

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Creating a New Earth

You have been here before, a part of the circle of life on this planet earth for eons and eons. You are the players, the game changers, the creators. You have seen and experienced much, yet you still return, for there is nowhere else in the Universe such as this. Some may call it a game, and that it true. Others call it Earth School – also true. It is but one of many opportunities for a soul to grow and evolve. There are rules to this game, instructions for this school, in this particular time-space continuum, that are different from those of others. Just as earth games such as Monopoly or Trivia Pursuit have their own set of rules such is true for the Game of Life on Earth. You came here for the excitement, the thrill, the adventure and the pure joy of physicality. more

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