• Panache Desai Fort Collins, CO · Friday, October 24 · 7:00pm

    Panache Desai

    SPECIAL OFFER: Buy One, Bring a Friend for Half Off!

    Are you stuck in a rut waiting for your life to happen? Do you feel you’re being called to something greater?

    If you long to end an internal hardship or have had enough of feeling like you are just getting by, it may be time to stop doing what you’ve been doing and start being who you were meant to be.

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  • Panache Desai Fort Collins, CO · Saturday, October 25 · 9:30am

    Panache Desai

    An Exhilarating, Experiential Day-long Intensive
    Are you resigned to thinking that the life you dream of is always just out of reach?
    The true secret to manifesting vibrant health, unconditional love, economic comfort and a deep connection to the Divine is already inside you, but it can be your feelings of unworthiness that continually hold you back from the life you desire. Through a process of vibrational transformation, Panache helps you step out of the need to improve or fix yourself and dismantle the emotional blocks and density that make you feel undeserving or unworthy of abundance, allowing you to courageously step into the greatness of your true self, embrace your unique Soul Signature and allow your boundless love to inform every aspect of your life.

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  • John Holland Fort Collins, CO · Thursday, November 6 · 7:00pm

    John Holland

    In this enticing lecture and demonstration, you will not only get the chance to see one of the country’s top psychic mediums connect with Spirit to deliver messages, but you will also learn what it takes for a medium to raise his energy and blend with Spirit. Without doubt, John’s authenticity as a medium is renowned, but his stage presence, his compassion, his ability to blend with Spirit all with a lightness of touch and a sense of humor is what sets him apart.

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Image for Are you a Buttlerfly?

Are you a Buttlerfly?

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? It is based on the theory that a small change in one place can result in large differences in another. An example would be when a butterfly flaps its wings in Colorado, a hurricane happens in Miami.The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier.

The following is a story about Susan and Tom and how the butterfly effect came into play in a positive way.

Susan got off to a late start one morning and still had to pick up donuts on the way to work. Her boss had called a big staff meeting with the president of the company in attendance and he wanted to make a good impression. Susan was stressed as she rushed around the grocery store picking out the donuts; she was anxious to get out of there quickly. But when she got to the check out line, of course only one lane was open and in front of her was Tom with a full cart of groceries. Susan thought, “Dang, I’m going to be late!” But Tom’s a nice guy and upon seeing that Susan looked a little harried, he graciously agreed to let her go first. more

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Check Out BellaSpark Magazine

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Our articles feature comprehensive and leading-edge topics on holistic medicine, nutrition and health, spirituality,sustainable living bodywork and personal growth. You’ll hear from trusted experts, best-selling authors and international speakers. more

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