• Rev. Yolanda Fort Collins, CO · Tuesday, September 9 · 7:00pm

    Rev. Yolanda

    Are you ready for “Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour THE MOVIE?” AVAIYA filmmaker, iKE ALLEN is calling this film, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Country Gospel Music!” Imagine Dolly Parton, Mrs. Doubtfire and Neil Patrick Harris all rolled into one! This cross-dressing minister of God brings her sassy brand of gospel music to Colorado this September and October with the release of her film and live performances, Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour.

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  • Rev. Yolanda Fort Collins, CO · Tuesday, October 7 · 7:00pm

    Rev. Yolanda

    Are you ready for Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour LIVE SHOW? Rev. Yolanda is an eccentric and ecstatic performer with a southern rock country gospel style. A 2014 MAC Award winner, he brings his message of Non-Duality into every event by merging GLBT and Mainstream Popular Culture with Integrated Spirituality. With a soulful voice, a message of oneness, great costumes and a wicked sense of humor, his shows and CD’s emphasize love, beautiful melodies and a bit of inspiration.

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  • Dannion Brinkley Sedona, AZ · Friday, October 17 · 7:00pm

    Dannion Brinkley

    Join Donna Visocky and Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley and friends for a magical and co-creative adventure in the red rocks of Sedona as we discover the Mystical realms of life, the psychological and spiritual practices for assisting the dying in their next great adventure, and traverse life after loss.

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Learning and Growing with Extraordinary People

It’s been nine years now, since I formed BellaSpark Productions out of my desire to see and hear the visionaries and authors whose books I was reading.

I still remember the first speaker I hosted in Fort Collins: Sonia Choquette. An amazing event with over 500 people in attendance, it showed me that there were others also hungry for this information; as a result BellaSpark Productions and the Extraordinary People Series were born.

Over the years we have learned from many incredible teachers – some we resonated with and others we did not – but each one had a message to share and touched us in some way.

I have watched myself grow and evolve over the years, as well as observed the shift in many of you. After all, we cannot experience all that we have without shifting to some degree. We learn, we grow and then we are ready for more. I am definitely ready for more and I hope you are too, that’s why I am excited to announce a new series of Extraordinary People: more

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Our articles feature comprehensive and leading-edge topics on holistic medicine, nutrition and health, spirituality,sustainable living bodywork and personal growth. You’ll hear from trusted experts, best-selling authors and international speakers. more

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